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Kristin Mott

(Mott is the youngest Beg, Borrow & Deal 2 contestant. She stated: "This is the greatest thing I've ever done. I'm very unique since I'm not an actress and don't want to be an actress…I was lucky. I did this for the experience only, I don't want air time…I did it for fun!")

What is your favorite sport? Football - college football not NFL

Favorite team? Oklahoma Sooners - very big fan!

Favorite athlete? David Duval favorite golfer - and I am proud of what Annika tried to accomplish with the PGA

Your greatest athletic achievement (could be getting up to use the remote control)? I don't have one

Pet Peeves? People who don't think before they talk

Why should we root for you? Because we played the game with integrity and had fun doing it - we had such a good time and still got things done - fun and played the game the right way.

Why will we root against you? In the beginning we didn't have the right dynamic - but we got that squared away.

When you saw the list of 40 tasks, which did you think would be the easiest? The first task we did - the swimming task - I know nothing about swimming but I thought it would be easy since we didn't have to contact anyone (athlete or pr person) to do it

Which did you think you had no chance of doing? Tying off with Tiger or Davis Love, III

Halfway through the game, if you were offered a toothbrush, a ham sandwich or a clean pair of undies, which would you take? A ham sandwich - you never know when you would be able to eat.

What is the hardest part of this show? Traveling - its hard to get people to drive you somewhere

What comfort did you miss the most? My family the most - having the comfort to call my mom or discussing my problems with her - my mom is a huge comfort

Which of your character traits is most likely to get you in trouble during the game? I'm a control freak - when things are not going my way or if I'm not in control I get frustrated, I can't sit down - I need to know what's going on.

Do you expect to get a lot more dates after this show? Why? I doubt it - boys will probably be afraid of me

What have you done in your life that you would compare this experience to? Traveling to Greece and Turkey - you don't have the luxury of a nice bed

Favorite TV show (Sucking up to ESPN is allowed but not encouraged) The Cosby Show or The Simpsons

Were any romances made/developed during the tapping of the show? No!

Have you associated with your teammates after the show? Yes all of them - probably daily
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