Tony Denison
Broadway Theater under his belt, Tony Denison made his momentous television debut starring in producer/director Michael Mann's critically acclaimed drama, Crime Story. As Ray Luca in the NBC one-hour television drama series, Tony received a fistful of kudos, including Time magazine recognition as "television's best villain of the 1980's".

Since then, Tony has appeared in more than two dozen motion pictures, with Columbia Tri Star's Art of Revenge being the most recent. Following Crime Story and an impressive list of dozens of television appearances that include notable guest stars on such shows as The District, J.A.G., She Spies and Charmed. Tony recently landed the role of recurring character Paul Harper in the new one-hour television drama series, The D.A.

Now, kicking off the 2003 television season, audiences again will be charmed by Tony in the series regular role of Head Coach Mike George in ESPN's first scripted series, The Playmakers.

Not too shabby for a Manhattan born and bred son of Sicilian immigrant parents and a Jose Torres trained amateur pugilist. Before Crime Story and the dozen career changes he made before discovering that acting was the profession he wanted most, Tony learned a few other skills, including carpentry, racquetball, handball, squash and chess, a skill he turned into championship recognition.

When not acting, Tony and Jenny, his wife of twenty three years, enjoy their four cats, designing furniture and their beautiful California home in Sherman Oaks. Tony also loves baseball and the conversations he has in Italian with his family and friends.

Chat with Playmaker's star Tony Denison.

Facts about Tony Denison

1. Who is your favorite athlete - Male and Female? Yogi Berra, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and Mohammad Ali

2. What is your favorite sports team? The softball team I play in LA

3. What is your most memorable sports moment? 1)Going to my first Yankee game in 1957 w/my dad and my uncles; 2) being at the game when Chris Chambliss hit the home run against Kansas City

4. What do you think is the biggest rivalry in sports?

5. What is your favorite sports movie? 1)The Rookie 2) actually I like all sport films especially bio pics

6. Who is your dream date? My wife

7. Who in Hollywood would you most want to work with? Sophia Loren and Meryl Streep

8. What's the last CD you bought? Complete anthology of Frank Sinatra

9. What music would pump you up before a game? Rolling Stones

10. Are you superstitious? No,no,no…..I always say that three times just for luck

11. What do you like to do off the set? Carpentry, softball, writing, chess

12. What's your favorite food? Absolutely anything except onions, and anything Italian

13. What's your favorite sports beverage? water

14. What female music/recording artist do you find sexy? It's the voice I find most sexy like Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Keely Smith

15. How do you celebrate? With passion

16. What's your favorite/dream car? Toyota Tundra 2wheel drive