Episode Eight
Down and Distance

Coach George prepares the team to face Luther Hawkins, the Phoenix QB who's virtually unstoppable with his lightning fast running game. Lyles has a new scheme, which involves rotating out the middle linebacker: Olczyk. When Coach George sees that Lyles' scheme is not working, he gives Olczyk a chance to shadow Hawkins. Olczyk loses confidence when DH, filling in as Hawkins, smokes him in practice. Olczyk runs into Hawkins at a bar and challenges him to a parking lot scrimmage, but Hawkins slips right by him. In the game Olczyk ultimately strips the ball from Hawkins, paving the way for a Cougars victory against Phoenix.

Coach George finds out that he has prostate cancer and informs Wilbanks that he intends to work through chemo, but is prepared to give up the reigns to Lyles if it becomes too much.

Wilbanks will reinstate Leon if he accepts the D.A.'s deal: dropping charges from felony domestic battery to misdemeanor assault. Robin convinces Leon that they can fight it together. With the D.A. digging up violent incidents from his past, Leon decides to accept the deal.

Dadie shows up, McConnell's one night fan from Episode 5, but she's pregnant and it's definitely McConnell's. McConnell has Chambers make all the abortion arrangements, claims he'll take her to the clinic. After a McConnell no-show, Chambers takes Dadie to the clinic.

While lifting weights, Guerwitcz learns that Trent King went off steroids because it was affecting his performance in the bedroom. Guerwitcz uses the steroid excuse when his machinery doesn't work with August. Later, on a tip from Trent King, Guerwitcz gets help in the bedroom with some of Trent's manly medication.