Episode Eleven
Week 17

DH flaunts his playmaker ways like he’s more untouchable than ever. Coach George attempts to bench DH, but Wilbanks sides with DH. After DH gets injured in the final game, Gatewood says he’s still fit to play, but Coach George keeps him on the bench.

After Leon turns down Wilbanks’ Front Office job offer, his financial advisor reveals he’ll be short 200 grand per year once he retires. Leon’s successful audition lands him a sportscaster job at Samantha’s station. When Leon’s fistfight with DH is filmed by reporters, the job offer is retracted.

As Leon watches DH’s face replace his own face on the side of a building, he’s forced to go back to Wilbanks for the Front Office job. After DH gets injured, Leon makes the game-winning touchdown, earning him a contact extension from Wilbanks.

Lyles pressures Buffalo to get his weight back up. After Gatewood tells him he shows early signs of diabetes, Buffalo tells Lyles he’s going to play at a lower weight. When Lyles preps another player who can make the weight, Buffalo promises to get his weight back up in time for the next game.

After Olczyk invites Beth to move in, Jenna, his one nightstand from Episode 6, tells Olczyk she’s pregnant. The paternity test shows that it’s his. Olczyk tells Beth he’s going to have the kid, so she cancels her plans to move in. Olczyk plans to help Jenna raise the kid, but she just wants the money. Olczyk lures Beth back by telling her the paternity test was negative.

The Cougars win their final game, but don’t make the playoffs… there’s always next season.