Episode Five

The Cougars, after being ravaged in the first half, burst through the locker room doors. Coach George and Coach Rudman scramble as the medical staff treats the team's wounds.

Leon injured his right knee. McConnell dislocated his shoulder. DH vomited on the field. Ray Barnes' finger is nearly twisted off.

As Leon waits for the x-ray results, Olczyk tells Leon he got what he deserved. Later Olczyk reveals that he knows what Leon did to Robin. Leon's finally in anger management therapy, but after Olczyk admits that he spent the night with Robin, Leon decks him. The x-ray results are worse than imagined: Leon's knee injury will keep him out the rest of the season. Olczyk apologizes for letting Leon think there was something going on between him and Robin.

Dr. Gatewood pops McConnell's shoulder back into its socket, but McConnell is only focused on Chambers, who scouts the stands for his next date, a buxom blond. Chambers falls for her as he escorts her to McConnell, but she leaves Chambers standing in the dust as soon as she lays eyes on McConnell. As usual, Chambers is left to make the arrangements for the date.

Dr. Gatewood thinks DH is dehydrated from a stomach flu and puts him on an IV. DH really suffers from cocaine withdrawal. His pre-game fix didn't last long enough. He pulls out the IV and arranges to meet his dealer in the parking lot.

Guerwitcz, on the way to find his St. Christopher medal, stumbles across DH, vomiting and too weak to move. Putting aside his moral dilemma, Guerwitcz buys cocaine for DH and even helps him get high in the bathroom.

Coach George ejects Coach Lyles from the locker room after he kicks away the chair supporting Beiderman's injured leg. Gatewood discovers that Leon's x-rays were switched with Beiderman's. It turns out Leon's knee is fine. The patched-up Cougars head out to face the rest of the game.