Episode Four
The Choice Part II

New evidence emerges in the nightclub shooting: the woman who was in the bathroom having sex with DH tells the police they were alone without Cal. Wilbanks and the attorney press DH to tell the truth. In exchange, the police will drop the charges. Instead, DH bribes the woman to change her statement. Just minutes before the game, Leon is told he won't be starting. The team wants to send a message that they're standing behind DH.

Olczyk meets Beth Havens, who tells him his father's in town interviewing for the defensive coordinator position at the local university where she works. Beth reveals they're considering someone else for the job. He calls her boss to make a pitch for his father, and asks Beth out on date.

Olczyk senses the rift between Robin and Leon, but Robin's not in a position to talk. While Robin and Leon deal with Kyle's broken arm, they are questioned about signs of domestic violence by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). After Robin admits that Leon hit her, the DCFS woman files a report.

In a surprise visit, Olczyk's father joins him on his dinner date with Beth. Beth mentions that Olczyk helped him get the job. Pride injured, Stan takes off. Olczyk can't stop him.

The woman from the nightclub gives back the money to DH because the police have arrested the real killer. After Cal tells Buffalo that he really did it, Buffalo flips - DH can't let an innocent man go down.

Olczyk, unable to reconnect with his father, finds consolation in the arms of Beth. Robin calls Olczyk from her car: now she's ready to talk.