Episode One
The Cougars are 2-3 and it’s six hours to kick-off. Running back Leon Taylor is coming off injured reserve from a knee injury. In his absence, rookie running back Demetrius “DH” Harris has taken over with style. Leon loses a race to DH, which cements DH’s lock as the starting running back. Eric Olczyk can’t get over his hit that paralyzed a player. Coach George is depending on a psychiatrist to get Olczyk’s head back in the game. With DH and Buffalo absent from the team breakfast, Coach George lectures the team about personal responsibility. In a hotel two hours away Buffalo rousts DH, who’s still in bed with two women after a night of booze and cocaine. The team gives veteran Leon a welcome back from rehab gift: a rocking chair. Over breakfast, rookie Ron Martin tells Leon that Coach George is pissing blood. DH and Buffalo get pulled over for speeding as they try to make the game. They panic. DH spills a bag of cocaine and rubs it into the carpet, hoping the cops won’t notice. The cops recognize DH, but still ask him to step out of the car. Miraculously, the cops only give them a speeding ticket. It helps when you’re a playmaker. Leon’s wife Robin is suspicious about a call from Samantha. Samantha turns out to be the sports announcer helping Leon work on a demo reel. Later while watching Samantha’s own segment in the locker room, Leon learns that they’re not picking up his option for next year. This could be the end of line for Leon. Leon confronts Coach George about dropping him, physically pinning him against the wall. Leon backs off but appears to ruin any chance of playing. Linebacker Trent King taunts Olczyk into hitting him, just to get the blood flowing. Leon goes to Wilbanks to pitch his case, and finds out Coach George doesn’t want to renew his contract. To gain favor, Leon tells Wilbanks that Coach George is pissing blood. During therapy, Olczyk remembers how his father pushed them so hard in practice that his brother died. Harris drops Buffalo off at the stadium, then takes off. He’s got more urgent business to take care of. Coach George suspends Buffalo for missing the team breakfast while DH gets high in a tenement apartment. Leon feels like a backstabber when he finds out that Coach George really wanted to start him. Wilbanks is the one pushing for DH. Olczyk, still guilt-ridden, tells Leon he just quit, but Leon gives him the pep talk. Now Olczyk’s not so sure. DH is still M.I.A., so Coach George has no choice but to start Leon. Then DH shows up… and doesn’t get suspended. Wilbanks forces Coach George to start DH despite everything. Leon will spend his first game back on the bench. Olzcyk will himself back on the field and makes another bone-breaking hit.