Talk Radio
Man in Motion

Everyone on sports talk radio has an opinion about Leon hitting Robin. As Leon arrives in the locker room, he's arrested for spousal battery. Wilbanks threatens to suspend him if he's formally charged.

Leon goes to the D.A. without his attorney, then presents his side to a seemingly sympathetic D.A., even giving her the name of his therapist. Leon's attorney flips, but Leon is confident the D.A. will drop the charges. Wilbanks suspends Leon after hearing the D.A. formally charges him with felony spousal battery.

DH makes a charity appearance to cheer up a terminally ill young boy, Casey, who's a big fan. DH presents him with a signed football, but he steals Casey's morphine pills. The nurse returns to see Casey in pain with no morphine pills in sight. When DH visits again, Casey sends him away when he doesn't admit that he stole the pills.

In practice, McConnell notices Kelly Wilbanks, the owner's daughter, and bets Guard Dog and Buffalo that he can sleep with her. After McConnell learns from Wilbanks that Kelly's boyfriend dumped her, he talks his way straight into Kelly's bed. Later, McConnell refuses to see Kelly and collects on the bet.

Coach George sees a doctor privately about his medical condition. Tests reveal that he has potential signs of prostate cancer and he makes plans to see a specialist.

While Guerwitcz is out partying with his teammates, David shows up. Guerwitcz discreetly asks him to leave, but instead, David flirts with Guard Dog. Guerwitcz intercedes, beating the living daylights out of David. After the story winds up in the papers, Guerwitcz pleads with David not to press charges.