Episode Six
Man in Motion

The team watches film of their last game. Coach George berates DH for his poor performance: he hasn't yet learned how to sell a fake. DH throws a fit and walks out. Coach George refuses to play DH unless he cleans up his drug problem, so Wilbanks sends DH off to a weekend drug detox program.

Leon hangs up on Samantha when she calls with information about a domestic violence rumor. Samantha takes it up the ladder to Wilbanks, who pressures Leon to deny everything and make a statement with Robin. Leon manages to convince her to lie to Samantha. On game day, when Leon admits to Samantha that Robin lied to protect him, all bets are off.

DH glides into the hotel where the drug detox will take place. The detox begins in the morning when the doctor will put DH under general anesthesia to administer drugs to clean the toxins. DH sneaks out for the night by bribing an attendant.

McConnell announces the girls from the Hailey's Whisper lingerie catalog are coming to town and sets up a night on the town for his teammates. But surprisingly he's already dating someone and shows up at the party with Beth.

Olczyk can't believe Beth's dating someone like McConnell. She tells Olczyk he needs to make up his mind and get a plan. In frustration, he takes home a model. Buffalo catches DH with his girl as she overdoses from cocaine. They rush her to the hospital, then Buffalo takes DH back to detox.

Olczyk hits McConnell after he brags about his night with Beth. Leon convinces Olczyk to tell Beth how he feels. After leaving Beth a message, she shows up to see Olczyk and he tells her he wants to be with her.

Even though he admits he's in the middle of breaking up with his girlfriend, Guerwitcz hits it off with his model, August. They kiss, suggesting definite chemistry. Later we find out Guerwitcz's girlfriend is really his boyfriend, David.