Episode Ten
Tenth of a Second

After leading the Cougars to a victory against Cleveland, DH becomes the king of the locker room. The team needs to win the next two games for any chance of making the playoffs. Buffalo's angry at DH because Adderly, the man wrongly arrested for Cal's crime, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Leon makes a difficult catch off McConnell's bad pass, but the game film reveals that Leon's not as fast as he used to be. Leon learns that Wilbanks is not renewing his contract. Olczyk and McConnell help Leon run through a combine to prove he still has the athletic skills to play, but Coach George only notices that Leon is 10 seconds slower than he used to be.

After Leon talks to the Assistant GM about a post-retirement job in the Front Office, Leon decides he's not ready to give up playing. When Leon doesn't make it through the hole in the next game against Pittsburgh, he realizes that 10 seconds does make a difference.

DH visits his older brother, Big E, at his community center in a gang-infested neighborhood.

DH's concern for Adderly's sentence puts Cal on edge. Cal covers for DH by getting behind the wheel after DH hits a woman on a bicycle outside the community center. While the police question DH, Big E answers DH's cell, and hears Buffalo reveal that Cal was the real shooter.

After the police bring Cal back in for questioning, Tyree, Smalls, and Cal think DH went to the cops, but he tells them it was Big E. Big E gets shot in a drive-by. The cops think it was the local gang, but DH figures out that Cal shot his brother. DH finally goes to the police to tell the truth about the shooting.