Episode Three
Cal is arrested after a man is shot outside a club. DH prepares to answer the detective's question: "At the time of the shooting, who was with you in the club?" Since DH was really in the bathroom with a woman, he needs time to think about it.

We then jump back one week earlier to the aftermath of a Cougars' loss. The reporters pounce, grilling McConnell for having a bad game. Despite being penalized for taunting, DH basks in limelight from his post-touchdown stunt, cape and Superman logo included. Samantha tips off Leon about his potential trade to Philly.

Buoyed by new hope, Leon tells Robin about the trade, but she shoots him down. She's too settled to move and suspects Samantha's intentions. Back at the practice facility, Wilbanks pulls DH away from his posse: Cal, Tyree and Smalls. Wilbanks presents their rap sheets and presses DH to cut ties with them. DH blows off the graduation of Tyree's brother to play with the big boys in Wilbanks' celebrity golf tournament.

McConnell's in the sack with his latest hottie, but can only focus on his poor game performance. McConnell gets worse in practice, even Coach Lyles throws better than him.

Leon learns that the trade fell through. Wilbanks offers no comfort: he needs a experienced veteran like Leon to keep on eye on his prize bull, DH. Leon takes his frustration out on Robin. After a heated argument, he pushes Robin down the stairs. Robin's got a swollen lip and wants Leon out of the house. She already packed his bags. The kids know something's up when Leon leaves a day earlier for his away game in New York.

DH throws Cal, Tyree and Smalls out of house after they barge in and shut off the game film he's watching. McConnell gets his game together, throwing a perfect pass to DH. While DH taunts the free safety near the end zone, the ball gets stripped from him. This loses the game for the Cougars. In the locker room, Leon has to pull Olczyk off DH. Leon's starting the next game and rebuffs Samantha's advances.

Leon comes home from New York. Robin doesn't want him there, but he coaxes his way in. She makes him sleep in the maid's room, maybe until he gets counseling. Leon must reign in his temper when Gregory shows up.

DH, knowing who his true friends are, parties with his boys. Cal flashes a gun to scare off a drunken fan baiting DH. Tyree tells DH he has to cover for Cal, who really shot the drunken fan from the club. Then we're back where we started as DH prepares to reveal to the detective who he was with when the shots were fired. DH answers: "…just me and my boy Cal."