Episode Two
DH is about to get tested by the league drug testing official a.k.a. The Piss Man. Each week the league tests two players at random. They test for everything: ephedrine, steroids, cocaine. We jump back one week earlier as the Cougars celebrate their second win. Leon played from the bench. Wilbanks congratulates DH, tipping him off with, "…the Piss Man's coming. And you're on the list." DH knows the drill, just gotta stay clean for one week before the next game. Guard Dog's performance earns a game ball. The other game ball goes to McConnell, who's nowhere to be found. He's soaking in a tub of ice: everything hurts. Dr. Gatewood tells McConnell the anti-inflammatory drugs may be harming his kidneys and takes his pills away until the results come back. McConnell can't play without the drugs.

Guard Dog offers Leon a way to perform like he first entered the league. Leon declines: he's made it this long without any help. Out with his boys, DH is about to get high. Instead he remembers the Piss Man and flushes the drugs down the toilet. Olczyk's shrink tells him he's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by the death of his brother. Anti-depressants could help the symptoms, but Olczyk decides to stop therapy.

In practice Leon sees the way DH moves and realizes it's a losing battle. Leon turns to Guard Dog for help. Guard Dog gets a list in advance of who's getting tested each week. This week their names are not on the list. Leon agrees to take andro. With only 48 hours left to go, DH breaks down and gets high. Now the only way to test clean is to have a doctor use a catheter to insert clean urine into him.

Meanwhile, Gatewood tells McConnell he's got a treatable kidney disorder. He intends put him on the inactive list immediately. After taking the andro, Leon kicks ass in a bench press duel with DH. Buffalo, back from suspension, refuses to give DH clean urine. Time's running out for DH. The kicker Mendes, the other name on the list, is cut. Suddenly, Leon and Guard Dog are in deep water. If either one gets picked, they're screwed.

While visiting Corey in the hospital, Corey's son suggests that Olczyk is a dirty player. Olczyk reviews the game film and realizes the kid's right, which sends him reeling. At his Foundation's banquet, Leon's preoccupied with the chance he may be tested. Robin confronts him, and Leon admits to using andro. Robin adds to his shame by telling him, "you cheated."

Coach George refuses to put McConnell on the inactive list. Gatewood tells McConnell he'll monitor the condition. McConnell realizes the success of the team is more important than the health of a player: "Gotta keep the horses on the track." Buffalo changes his mind and delivers clean urine to DH. After DH endures the grueling catheter, DH finishes the test knowing he's beat the Piss Man this time. And the second name is… Guard Dog. He's suspended. Leon's relieved. Olczyk decides to start taking the anti-depressants.