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Exactly how was rolling on his coach and the football program going to help Maurice Clarett clear his name with NFL people? NFL teams don't care if he was given thousands of dollars by boosters or if the coach hooked him up with a car or a high paying job that he didn't show up for. The league drafts players like that every single year. Let me run down the list of things that the NFL does care about. Number one; can he play? End of list. Clarett just dug himself an even bigger hole and now, he looks even worse to the NFL. NFL decision makers already had concerns about his maturity and work ethic before he started bumping his gums. Now, they think he's a baby and a rat. Bad play, Mo.

The Denver Nuggets are one of the biggest disappointments of the early NBA season and Carmelo Anthony is a big part of the problem. After Tuesday's embarrassing beat down by Seattle, Anthony said, "Nobody likes me, but that's o.k." Let us know when you're done feeling sorry for yourself 'Melo. You're the franchise; you're the guy making the big jack. When things go well, you'll get all the run, when they don't, you're going to take some. That's what you signed up for. Man up. He couldn't get along with Larry Brown at the Olympics and now he's not getting along with his own coach: typical, undisciplined Syracuse player. And a serious red flag for the Nuggets.

I know this is starting to sound like a broken record on this show, but as long as Joe Paterno continues to say he won't retire, I'm going to keep saying he has to. As soon as does the right thing and quits, I'll stop talking about it. But he's not: "I don't see any reason to say, 'hey I'm going to get out of here this year or next year or what year. And I don't mean to be cocky or stubborn or anything like that." That's not stubborn or cocky, that's selfish. And misguided. The guy's a squatter, an uninvited house guest, that oblivious uncle that annoys everybody and refuses to leave. Yes, a legend like Joe Paterno deserves to leave on his own terms. Assuming he'll actually leave. If not, he deserves to be fired. And if the AD won't do it, I will. Somebody get me Joepa's number.

Former St. Louis Blue Mike Danton was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison earlier this week for trying to have his agent killed. The judge presiding in the case said, "I do not believe in over 18 years on the bench I have been with a case as bizarre as this one." Really? What's so weird about a pro athlete wanting to whack his agent and asking a 19 year girl, and a police dispatcher to help him do it? Happens all the time. Fact is, if it did, the sport might not be getting lower ratings than Sponge Bob Squarepants nor be the second rate sport that it is. That's what the NHL needs: a new collective bargaining agreement and even more murder for hire trials. I know that would get me to watch.

We've all heard about random acts of kindness by strangers. Well, this isn't one of them. What this is a calculated, premeditated and deliberate act of kindness. According to the team, Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson just happened upon a couple who were looking for tickets to a Bengal game when he spontaneously decided he would buy their ducats. Nice gesture. Or at least it would be had there not been a reporter and a cameraman trailing behind. You know how athletes always say, I do plenty of nice things, there just aren't camera crews and reporters there to document it: well, that wasn't one of those times. And I'm sure he would have done the same thing if the cameraman and reporter weren't there.

Rising, Roger Clemens. So much for him being in the twilight of his career in 1996 when he left Boston. He picked up his 4th Cy Young since leaving the Sox and a ridiculous 7th overall earlier this week. 7 freaking Cy Young's?! If 1 is a career, 2 makes you a legend and 3 puts you in the hall of fame, what the hell does 7 get you?! 7 Cy Youngs? That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Almost as stupid as thinking a guy has nothing left and letting him leave so he can win four more. And so much for him not being able to pitch in the National League. One NL season, one Cy Young award. Thanks for coming.

It wasn't long ago that Tiger Woods was the sport's ultimate finisher. Not any more. He gave back a Sunday lead at the Tour Championship bogeying 3 of the first 7 and never contending after that. Contrary to what he thinks, Woods isn't close and he is in a slump. Woods is about collecting majors and winning tournaments and he's not doing either. Woods was the guy who said second sucks. Woods was the guy chasing Jack Nicklaus. He was the guy that scared everybody. Now nobody is afraid of him. Not Vijay, nor Hefty, or Ernie or Retief. Stop thinking you're close because you're not; in fact you've never been farther away.

When are NBA teams going to stop hiring college coaches? I know it's early, but I've seen enough to know that hiring Mike Montgomery was a bad idea. Good college coach. Bad NBA coach. They all are. The guy is in over his head, doesn't know when to call time out or when to foul and his substitution pattern is whacked. He doesn't know the NBA game or NBA personnel. And even Shaq O'Neal thinks Montgomery's clueless when it comes to defending the pick and roll. And he'll never have cred with his players because he is a college guy. Half of what he says goes in one ear and out the other because he's college guy. If you don't believe me, go ask Jerry Tarkanian, Tim Floyd, Lon Krueger, and Leonard Hamilton.

Quote of the week belongs to Portland Trailblazer Zach Randolph, who missed a team charter and then blamed it on his alarm clock: "I can't help it if the alarm clock doesn't go off. Stuff like that happens." Stuff like that does happen. To knuckleheads. Hey Zach, the alarm clock doesn't make its own decisions. It can't set itself. Either you set it or you don't. Mix in a wakeup call or a second alarm clock, or here's a thought, some personal responsibility. And if none of those things work, how about just having a rooster in your bed. Cock a doodle-doo Zach.

It's not officially an NBA season until a player says he needs a month off because he's too exhausted from promoting his soon to be released rap album. Thanks for that, Ron Artest. You know, maybe he does have a point. NBA players might be the best conditioned athletes in the world, but even their bodies won't hold up under the harsh demands of promoting a record that no one wants to hear. Do you know how busted up you get going to parties, and hanging out with skanks and greasy record reps? Rick Carlisle must have been like, "Are you freaking kidding me, Ron? You're not really asking me this. This is a setup right? Where are the cameras? Where's Ashton Kutcher? I've been punk'd right?" Shoot, Artest's demand for a month long nap makes Latrell Sprewell's, "Why should I try to win a championship for them" diatribe look like Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech.