The Tampa Bay Bucs clearly were not big enough for both Jon Gruden and Keyshawn Johnson. One of them had to go and it wasn't going to be the head coach. Johnson doesn't like or respect Gruden and went as far as to tell him he'd rather retire than play for him in '04. So Gruden beat him to the punch and broke him right off, accomplishing a number of things in the process. One, it deflects attention from the fact that the defending super bowl champs are 4-6 and are dead in the water. Two, it reminds everyone who has the hammer in his hand. And three, Gruden knows if you let one guy walk all over you, they all will. Now, they're not a better football team without Johnson. But no one is going to jerk with Chuckie from here on out.

All eyes will be on tobacco road as Roy Williams returns to Carolina and the ACC for the first time in 15 years. I spoke to Williams about that on my radio show recently and no sooner than the interview ended, disgruntled KU fans burned up the phone lines and the email saying Williams lied to them when he said he would never leave Lawrence.. Easy Jayhawk fan. He didn't lie, he had a change of heart. If he knew he was leaving and then intentionally deceived you, then it's a lie. But that's not what happened and you know it. He had an AD that he didn't get along with, he was starting to feel unappreciated locally and he couldn't say no to Dean Smith and Carolina a second time.. The guy is straight up and gave you everything he had. Instead of stabbing him in the back, you should be thanking him.

Make some room fellas because apparently we have a new member for our all important RIB racist society. New York Mets superscout Bill Singer. He reportedly rolled up on Los Angeles Dodgers asst. GM Kim Ng and repeatedly asked where she was from. She told him she was born in Indiana, raised in New York and her family was from China. He then reportedly, in a mock Chinese voice, said, 'What country in China. What country in China?. Hey Einstein, China is a country. We have states, they have provinces. Even worse he blamed his meltdown on the Atkins diet. He says the low carb diet combined with beer caused a chemical imbalance. So a low carb diet, plus beers makes you John Rocker?. Nice try, bigot. good looking getting another job in baseball.

Former Alabama football coach Mike Price is trying to put his life back together after allegedly rolling with a stripper who looks liked Dee Snider. He and his wife moved into a lakeside cabin belonging to Washington St. legend and NFL washout Ryan Leaf.. You know you're in a bad place when you have to go kick it with Ryan Leaf to get back on your feet. You know how it goes, 'I was losing weight, I couldn't get a job, my confidence was shot but that all changed when started hanging out at Ryan Leaf's house.' I understand the guy wants back in and he probably does deserve another chance, but you are who you roll with and you roll with Ryan Leaf.

Barry Bonds is on the rise. He won an unprecedented 6th National League MVP award. And the scary thing is, it should have been his 8th. Jeff Kent and Terry Pendleton are both holding onto trophies that belong to Bonds. Barry may not be the warmest guy in the clubhouse, or the easiest guy to deal with, but make no mistake about it, he is this generation's best player, possibly the greatest player of all time. Back to back MVP's at 39. Give. Me. A . Break. Why not go for the hatrick at 40? He's just freaky enough to do it.

Nebraska head coach Frank Solich is on the hot seat. The Huskers may be 8-3, but their three losses are ugly. Kansas St. smacked them 38-9 in Lincoln Saturday. They had a fourth quarter collapse against Missouri. And there's the Texas game which they didn't even bother to show up for . Add to that a humiliating loss in the championship game to Miami, equally embarrassing road losses to Penn St., Iowa St. And Kansas St. last year and the fact that Solich has lost 9 of ten road games to ranked opponents and it might be time for him to dust off his resume. His 57-19 career mark might get him an extension just about anywhere else. In Nebraska, it will probably get him run.

Jack Nicholson told Playboy magazine recently that Viagra is a "godsend for older couples" and that it could "save relationships". Easy Jack. Nice to see you finally do an interview. You are an icon and an American legend, but I really don't need the visual of you all hopped on Viagra. I have a question: when did it become acceptable for everyone to openly discuss their malfunctioning cranks. I liked it much better when everyone was ashamed of their inadequacies. What's next, Nack Nicholson pumping his football through a tire?

The Jackson Five appeared on Soul Train this week in 1973. Fast forward 30 years and Joe Jackson, the 5's dad admits that he took a switch and a belt to his son, Jacko. That certainly explains a lot of things. But not everything. For instance, it doesn't explain why Jacko decided to replace his original face with Diana Ross' face. Hey Mike, plenty of people have insufferable fathers; it doesn't give you the right to trade in your life as an African-American male for one as a caucasian female.

Denver Broncos fb mike anderson was suspended recently by the league after a positive test for marijuana. Anderson insists he is not a stoner and blamed it on second hand smoke. Hilarious. First of all, the nfl doesn't suspend players until they've already had at least one positive test. Was the first test a result of second hand smoke also? If so, you should have gotten some new friends. If your crew gets so baked that you test postive for drugs. Twice. It's time to find a new crew. , who exactly do you roll with: robert parish. Kareem abdul ja-blunt. Bob marley. Mike anderson is a marine, a stand up guy, and a good player: that's why i hate to see him play the second hand smoke card. It's weak. (next time, just come correct: and say i like to twist a fattie while i break tape: i shouldn't have done it. Believe me, we'll all respect that more than playing darrell russell's second hand smoke card.

Tiki Barber, Brian Kelly