Of course Kobe Bryant showed up on ESPN, not once but twice this week to spin and posture. That's what he does. When it all hits the fan and his image takes a beating, he goes in front of the camera and says he just can't understand why everyone is so upset. He doesn't know why everyone is so hard on him, and why he's under the microscope. As always, he cops to nothing, and shows no responsibility or accountability whatsoever. Manipulating and maneuvering as always. Everyone else is wrong, but he is right. Typical Bryant. Incredibly predictable and I'm not buying it.

Not only is Bryant possibly the NBA's best player, he might also be the Association's biggest rat. First he rolled on Shaq O'Neal telling authorities the daddy threw down a million bucks in hush money to make his problems go away, and that he should do the same thing. And now come to find out, after accusing Karl Malone of trying to pick up on his wife, Bryant told Malone's wife, Kay, that Karl was running around on her. Dude, just because your house is a mess doesn't mean you need to run around wrecking everyone else's. The guy has now violated the code, not once but twice. If I'm one of Bryant's teammates, there's no way I'd trust him. And if I'm a potential free agent, I'm not coming anywhere near LA. Once you get labeled a snitch, that's an impossible rap to shake.

The New York Mets willingness to guarantee Pedro Martinez $53 million over four years is idiocy. They'll be lucky to get 50 wins out of the guy for that $53 mil. He's a six inning guy, that goes deep into counts and can't finish guys the way he used to. Sure you'd want a guy like that on your staff, but not at that price. I was shocked the Sox were willing to even guarantee him a third year. And if Pete led Boston to believe a third year would seal the deal, and then used it to get a fourth out of New York, then that's dirty pool. That prima donna act won't play in New York on a bad Mets team the way it did in Boston with the Sox. The media will carve him up.

I don't want to hear that the New York giants should put Eli Manning on the bench before his confidence is completely shattered or he gets killed on the field. One, he's not going to die. At least I don't think he will. Two, you can't learn anything by standing on the sideline holding a clipboard. Granted, he has been horrible and he is getting worse, but he's going to have to fight his way out of it. Fact is, they should have never gone to him as early as they did. They were 5-4 at the time, and in the NFC, that practically made them a Super Bowl favorite. They made their decision and now they have live with it. He needs to learn on the job and if that means getting punched in the mouth a few hundred more times and throwing another 15 picks before the end of the year so be it. They're not going anywhere anyway.

Basketball is a drug to Rick Majerus and in the end he just had to feed that jones. That's why he's accepted the USC coaching job. Talking hoops on TV is not the same as being in the gym, working players out, putting together game plans and breaking down tape. And like any addict, Majerus is going to put getting high ahead of what's good for him. The crack addict knows he shouldn't hit the glass dique again, but he can't stop. That's how it is for the big man. Coaching is probably not good for Majerus. The lifestyle definitely is not good for Majerus. But he can't stop.

Rising, Ty Willingham who landed on his feet at Washington. This is a good gig for Ty and a good hire for the school. Willingham knows the area, has had success in the conference, has a nice chip on his shoulder now and is going to win some games there. And more than anything else, he'll be free of those ridiculous and unreasonable expectations that got him run out of South Bend to begin with.

Regardless of the spin coming out of South Bend, there is no way they would have broken off Ty Willingham if they knew they were going to have to settle for Charlie Weis. They fired Willingham because they thought they had Urban Meyer. And if you're going to whack a solid guy like Willingham you better end up with Meyer or Steve Mariucci or Jeff Ted ford. You don't fire Willingham to hire a guy with no head coaching experience. Notre Dame is not the place to go to learn on the job. You can't hire a guy just because he went to school there. What, Rudy Reuttiger didn't want the job?

Actress Sharon Stone is suing a doctor saying he falsely claimed that she had a face lift and that it has ruined her career. That ruined your career? Allegations that you had your grill yanked back a few feet is the reason you can't get any work? Either that or the fact that you've gone completely insane and have become an ordained minister. One or the other. Look, reverend, half this town has had it grills shot full of botox and carved up and their phones are still ringing. Maybe you should do the same thing. Face it, after letting it all hang out in Basic Instinct, there was no place left for you to go. Except maybe Chatsworth. Now stop marrying people, your holiness, and stop feeding your husband's feet to lizards in the zoo.