Memo to the St. John's players who celebrated their 20 point loss to Pittsburgh recently by breaking curfew and refusing to pay a hooker they had just sex with. Hope that was worth it. You shamed yourselves, your program and your university. And for what? An hour with a 38-year old airline waitress turned hooker? Look at the bright side, at least Johnnie Elijah Ingraham was able to document the whole party on video on his cell phone. Never mind that the rest of us have our wife, or our kids or maybe our dog on our cell phones this guy has his teammates engaging in a group sex act with a former air waitress.

It's sick, backwards, twisted, amoral and just the thing a fine, upstanding catholic institution doesn't need.

A number of the jurors who qualified for the Jayson Williams manslaughter case were dismissed after hearing a report that Williams once shot gunned his dog and made Dwayne Schntizius bury the remains. The prosecution says he fired on the dog twice and then turned the gun on Schntzius and said, "bury the remains or you're next". You think Williams blowing his dog's head off with a shotgun might prejudice potential jurors in this case? If this is true, this is one, sick, twisted, pud. Dude seemingly likes to kill things. Dogs. Limo drivers. Whatever. Maybe I wouldn't be a good juror, but I think he should do a year or two just for being friends with Dwayne Schnitzius.

Worst idea of the week comes from George Foreman who says he wants to fight one last time. Beat it Gorge. It's time. Go away. Handpicking some slug that you can fight at age 55 for god knows for what reason is not an inspiration to anyone. You've already jammed up the American public for about 9 billion bucks by selling your George Foreman frying pan. We're hip to your act. You're not what you appear to be. You're the same surly guy that you were when Ali laid that beat down on you in Zaire. Nothing has changed. Except, inexplicably the public's perception of you. But I'm not buying it.

It's a devastating week for US soccer fans, both of you, as the US was rolled up by the Mexican national team 4-0 knocking us out of the Olympics altogether. This is absolutely tremendous news. This raises the likelihood of me actually watching the Olympics from 0% to 0.01%. See, if there was even a chance that I could run into soccer if I flipped over to the games, I wouldn't risk it. Now, at least I can drop in and check and see how our rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimmers are doing. And yes, nothing makes me more proud to be an American than us being terrible at soccer. Well done fellas, orange slices and Capri-sun on me when you get back.

This week's showdown pitted two of the NBA's biggest hitters; hall of fame coach Larry Brown v. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban wants his players to choose between playing for him and playing for their national team. Brown smacked Cuban for being shortsighted and dumb. That's when Cuban took the gloves off saying Brown, "has never had to write the check for an NBA payroll in his life. If things don't work out, a player gets injured or he doesn't like the way things are going, he can do what he has done everywhere else, just leave." Nice. He busted him for being an employee. And a quitter. Of course, they're both right. Cuban might not have the players he has if not for the dream team, and Cuban is right to want to protect his investment. Because he was the busier of the two fighters and landed the heavier blows, Cuban by unanimous decision.

Nice to see the Bloomington house that Bob Knight used to live in is for sale on eBay: 4660 square feet, 5 acres, walk in closets for $397,500. And according to the seller, it's a "rare opportunity to live in the house 'The General' lived in for the last 16-years while he was basketball coach of Indiana University." I'm thinking about busting out with the buy it now price, but first I need to know a few things. Does the house come with Calbert Cheaney's bullwhip? Or that chair Knight threw across the floor? Or the garbage can he stuffed that Puerto Rican cop into? Or Neil Reed's neck? Or that shotgun that he blasted his hunting buddy with? And a salad bar? I have to have the salad bar. If not, I'll just wait until Kra-zewski auctions his crib off in Durham.

Tiki Barber, Brian Kelly