Baltimore Raven Jamal Lewis has a funny way of showing that he has turned his life around by getting indicted by the feds on drug conspiracy charges. The Ravens seem to think that he is going to be cleared of any wrongdoing, and he might. But the fact remains, the words 'cocaine', 'conspiracy', 'indictment' and 'federal agents' are in the same sentence with 'Jamal Lewis' and the 'Baltimore Ravens'. Never a good thing. After getting suspended for four games in '01 for violating the league's substance abuse policy for the second time, he swore he would never put himself or his team in that position again. Right up to the point he was indicted for trafficking coke, I guess.

A huge night tonight in Chicago where Cubs fans destroyed the infamous Steve Bartman baseball. A Chicago restaurateur, Grant Deporter paid nearly $114 grand for the ball saying, "What would happen if we didn't destroy it and some Marlin fan got a hold of it? What if some fan used it to psyche out the Cubs next year?" 'What would happen if we didn't destroy it'? Nothing? This isn't about the ball, a goat or some curse. It was about your horses, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood being gassed at the end of a long year and a good Marlin team coming back on you and then doing the Yankees. Turn the page. That ball has nothing to do with anything.

He Hate Me, aka Rod Smart, went from being the poster boy for the embarrassing XFL, to one of the feel good stories of the NFL, as a kick returner for the Carolina Panthers. Now comes word from Sports Illustrated that Smart has fathered five children with five different women. 5 by 5. That's impressive. That's NBA impressive. I guess He Hate Me, also hate condoms. He may hate me, but he apparently love sex. He love sex with multiple partners. He hate commitment, but he love becoming dad. He may hate going to drug store, but he needs to start doing it or he going to hate scratching multiple child support checks. Me hate that.

Golfer John Daly is on the rise. He followed up his win at TorreyPpines with a top four finish here in LA. Once is a fluke, twice is a trend, or something like that. I'm still skeptical, but a little less so this week than last. While JD has battled his demons; booze, women, gambling, heaters and Spunkmeyers, he has always been ridiculously talented. How else do you explain him living his life on the edge and still winning two majors.? That's more than Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples and Davis Love III to name a few. Here's hoping for a few more 68's, and no more 88's.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also on the rise. He was hired by the Knicks recently as an advisor. Jabbar, the game's all time leading scorer, and as cerebral as they come, has been unable to lock down a meaningful coaching job anywhere. It defies explanation. Other than that little thing about him treating everyone he has ever come in contact with like garbage, I don't know what it could be. And no, I don't buy that he's a 7 footer living in a 6 footer's world and has had to endure the freak treatment.

Jose Canseco is the recipient of the smack down of the week. He is planning on attending an open tryout with the Dodgers. Jose, where is your pride? You have 462 big league homeruns. You should not be at an open tryout with a bunch of other has been's, never-were's, beer leaguer's and softball guy. If the Dodgers had any interest in you, they would have invited you to spring training. Maybe admitting you were juiced, saying 85% of your peers were also, and threatening to write a book and name names wasn't such a good idea after all. I don't want to have to say this, but you're leaving me no choice. Go away, Jose.

Paul Rueben's, better known as Pee Wee Herman, produced an anti-drug video this week back in 1992. He had to make the video as part of his sentencing agreement for his infamous indecent exposure charges. Anti-drug video? Shouldn't he have been forced to make an 'anti-masturbating in public' video? It seems more appropriate and a lot more people would have wanted to see it. Hey Paul, let's try and not let that happen again, all right?

Tiki Barber, Brian Kelly