If Ricky Williams no longer has a passion for the game, doesn't want to get his head beaten in every Sunday and wants to go off and burn blunts and seek the truth, so be it. But I do have a problem with his timing, one week before training camp. And don't tell me it's the same as a team cutting a guy without notice because it's not. This isn't 'a' guy. This is your best player, in his prime, who the entire offense was built around. With him, they have a shot at the Super Bowl, without him they have no shot at .500. If you want to quit, quit; but do it before the draft and the free agency period takes place, not afterwards. But don't take my word for it, go ask his teammates how they feel about it. I guarantee they're bent.

And the Dolphins are not without blame in this either. They knew who they were trading for when they brought Williams in. They knew Ricky was a different cat. That he had shown up on the cover of ESPN The Magazine in a wedding dress, that he battled social anxiety disorder, that he had a proclivity for the chronic, that he was a loner. In short, that he was a weirdo. They knew all that. They also knew they were a legitimate running back away from a Super Bowl run, so they rolled the dice. And ultimately they crapped out. Williams may have hung them out to dry but they're not without blame.

Greg Maddux is going for number 300 this weekend and might be the sickest guy ever to pick up a baseball. Think about it. He looks like a librarian. Appears about as athletic as a math teacher. He doesn't have that 100 mph gas like the unit. Or Mariano Rivera's ridiculous cutter. All the guy does is pitch. And win games. Lots of them. Strike one on the corner. Strike two off the corner. Strike three on a ball in the dirt. All the while the guy with the bat in his hands has no idea what just happened. 4 Cy Young's, 13 Gold Gloves, a world championship, a trip to Cooperstown and probably the best pitcher I have ever seen. Even if he does look like your accountant.

I'm pretty geeked for Saturday's MLS all-star game. I can't wait to see some of my favorite players get after it; players like the "guy with the long ponytail", the 'guy with one nam'e and of course, the' guy who falls on the ground and screams'. These guys are the best. And just out of curiosity, whose mom is driving them to the game in her mini van? And are they all going to kill orange slices and Capri-sun at half time of the game? As for predictions, Clint Chastidonnaham is going to score the games' only goal and get the nod for MVP. Oh, and one more thing. Don't you need all-stars to have an all-star game?

While long considered a game for geeks, dorks and intellectuals, chess has managed to work its way into the mainstream, dare I say it's actually become a sport? First it was added to the Olympics and now this.

Robert Talley,, was arrested after smashing Robert Henderson's head through a plate glass window. A chess brawl?! Now we're talking. What, did one guy try to make his horse go the wrong way? Did they get into a spirited debate over what was better, The Sun Also Rises or The Great Gatsby? Did one guy use incorrect grammar? I don't know what happened, I just know I like it…a chess riot. How long before someone gets murdered playing Chinese checkers?

Draft bust Cryan Leaf has reared his whiney head again. Speculation is, his former coach at Washington St., Mike Price, is considering putting him on his staff at UTEP. And what a brilliant idea that is. The guy is a walking cautionary tale, the guy every other coach in America warns their player not to be like. And Price wants to make him an assistant coach? Those close to Leaf insist he's not a knucklehead, and that he has matured but when a reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune called him, Leaf lashed out, "Man, what the bleep. How'd you get my number? If the San Diego Union Tribune calls me again…Man, you fools are stupid." Then he hung up. You're the one than threw away an NFL career but they're stupid. Actually, C, you are and so is Mike Price if he hires you.

What a difference two years makes. Liza Minnelli's divorce from David Gest is not going to happen until his $10 million civil claim against her for physical abuse is settled. Gest claims Minnelli "beat his face with her fists' and threw a lamp at him causing "throbbing pain, severe headaches, scalp tenderness, vertigo" and other ailments. For the last time Gest, she's Liza Minnelli not the ultimate fighting champion. Besides, couldn't you have just tapped out? Or just shooed her away with a, "Beat it, Liza: go back to stuffing your face with Oreos and gin and stop beating my face with your fists." She may have beaten you up but at least she invited Chaka Khan to the wedding.

Tiki Barber, Brian Kelly