Friday Filberts

January, 16, 2009
These links were found while I was getting my kicks

• Bronx Banter's lost a good friend, but at least he went down swinging.

• How unlikely is the Cubs' lo-o-o-o-n-g World Series drought? Brandon Isleib works through the math.

• New York Yankees Update says the city's getting a fine deal; Field of Schemes says it's the Yankees who are getting the sweetheart deal. I link, you decide.

• Reading about Frank Williams' tragic end, I can't help wondering what happened to his pension.

• Shysterball notices the latest huge story out of St. Pete.

• Patrick Sullivan argues for severing the link between single-season awards voting and Hall of Fame balloting. He's right. Are we really supposed to hold it against Alan Trammell, just because a bunch of guys in 1987 somehow concluded that George Bell had been the more valuable player? I say no.

• Speaking of the Coop, Joe Posnanski (as usual) makes some fantastic points.

• And finally, watch our newest Hall of Famers take their (comedic) bows.


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