Why is Orlando Hudson still unemployed?

January, 17, 2009
The best free agent still available? That just might be Orlando Hudson, and "Jorge Says No!" wonders why Hudson is still out there and analyzes the market. After running through a list of potential suitors, the conclusion:

    There is no team with a glaring need for Hudson who also has a boatload of money to spend. Hudson still needs to remain patient and wait for potential opportunities to arise, but taking a one year deal should not be out of the question at this point.

    And finally, I think that Nationals have to make a move on Hudson. He is a high character guy, is a solid hitter, plays gold glove defense, and will come at an affordable rate. The Nationals could probably come to terms with Hudson on a two or three year deal for roughly $18-$30 million, which would be perfect for the rebuilding Nationals. They need to find a leader who can help shape their identity and start bringing wins to the District before fans completely forget that the Nationals exist.

    That guy is Orlando Hudson.

I don't know if Orlando Hudson is an identity-shaping guy, and, in fact, I would argue that this winter proves that he's not. Oh, it's not because he's not a good player. On balance, he's worth roughly $10 million per season, and over the last three years he's been just as valuable as Adam Dunn and Pat Burrell. Which is exactly my point. How many times have you seen Burrell's and Dunn's names in print since the World Series? And how many times have you seen Hudson's?

He's a fine player and could help a lot of teams. But the things he does well -- particularly his outstanding defense at second base -- are too often ignored by just about everybody. And unfortunately for him, that includes the guys who sign the big checks.


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