Wednesday Wangdoodles

January, 28, 2009
Today's links were discovered while I wondered if the Marlins really want to build a big white spaceship

• WEEI's Kirk Minihane is tired of The Ballad of the Captain. But you think this is annoying? Just wait until Cap'n Jetes' contract expires.

• Joe Posnanski discusses Jeff Kent and why we need numbers.

• Joe Torre talks about the book, Brian Cashman, and a certain ex-shortstop to Jack Curry of The New York Times:

    "There's stuff in there where, from my angle, I looked at it one way and I'm sure, from his angle, he probably looked at it a different way," Torre said in the telephone interview.


    In the book, Torre is direct in talking about what he perceives to be Rodriguez's insecurities and his need for attention. In the telephone interview, he said he was not concerned about any fallout from those remarks.

    "I don't think I said anything about A-Rod that I didn't say already," said Torre, who managed Rodriguez for four seasons and clearly grew weary of the daily dramas involving baseball's highest-paid player.

Torre has been taking a lot of heat. But you know, there's something to be said for expressing your true feelings. Even if a few feathers get ruffled along the way.

• Remember Adam Loewen? At 18, he was the fourth pick in the draft. At 22, he reached the majors, won six games and racked up 98 strikeouts in 112 innings. That was in 2006. Since then, he has walked more batters than he has struck out, and last summer he suffered a stress fracture in his pitching elbow. So much for pitching. Retirement at 24, though? Nope, writes John Lott.

• If you're a Nationals fan -- I know there must be a few of you -- this is fan-tastic news.

• Not that everything is rosy in the District; according to Tyler Hissey, Jim Bowden is now the worst GM in the majors.

• FanGraphs' Marc Hulet suggests the Rangers might have a star catcher in the making.

• Randy Newsom on the fleeting nature of minor league friendships.


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