Angels should really sign Manny

January, 30, 2009
A month or so ago, I linked to Jorge Says No!'s look at the market for Manny Ramirez. Well, he's still out there, so Jorge Says No! is back with Part II. The highlights:

    Dodgers: Still the favorite. The Dodgers need Manny Ramirez. Manny needs the Dodgers. On the surface, this should be the perfect match, but the Dodgers seem reluctant to increase their original offer (2 years/$45 mil) and Ramirez and Boras seem set on waiting for a better offer to come their way.

    Giants: To me, they are the wild card in the Manny sweepstakes. The Giants, like the Dodgers, are one big bat away from seriously competing in the National League. Manny would be the ideal fit for the Giants and would instantly jump start their push into the post season. But like many teams, you have to wonder if the Giants have the money to spend on Ramirez at this point (thanks Barry Zito!).

    Angels: Now we're talking. This is where I think Manny makes the most sense. He could DH/play some left for the Angels while providing great protection for Vladimir Guerrero. Manny would turn a decent lineup into a scary lineup just by his mere presence. The Angels need to get with the program and make a run at Manny while he is still on the board. Mark my words: Manny could lead the Angels to a title.

Jorge also looks over the Cardinals, the Nationals, and the Mets, but for various reasons none of those clubs seem worth mentioning. Which leaves us (and perhaps Scott Boras) with those three California teams.

The Dodgers you know about. The Giants … well, asking Manny to patrol AT&T Park's massive left field might not be the smartest move in franchise history. Sure, the massive investment in Barry Zito might cause a bit of gun-shyness. But I suspect the real issue is that a 36-year-old should-be DH just isn't a good fit. Not for more than a year or two, anyway.

Which brings us to that team in Orange County. When it first became apparent that Manny wasn't going to immediately re-up with the Dodgers, I was routinely asked by people -- well, radio hosts mostly, but they're people, too -- where I thought Manny would end up. Of course I didn't (and don't) know where he'll end up, but it's the Angels that kept popping into my head (and out of my mouth). Particularly once Mark Teixeira was officially out of play. Because the Angels need a hitter, and they can employ a designated hitter, and clearly -- based on the contracts they've doled out to Torii Hunter and Gary Matthews -- they don't worry much about the size of their payroll.

I don't think he will end up with the Angels. But I think he might, and probably should.


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