Pudge chooses strange language on steroids

February, 16, 2009
Jonah Keri pointed me toward this note in Tyler Kepner's roundup today:

    The 14-time All-Star catcher Iván Rodríguez, who is still looking for a place to play this season, said he might sign with the Florida Marlins, the Houston Astros or the Mets. He also said he might need to stay patient.

    Rodríguez, 37, said "only God knows" whether he is on the list of 104 players who tested positive for steroids during baseball's 2003 survey. José Canseco, his former teammate with the Texas Rangers, has said he injected steroids into Rodríguez.

That seems to me a strange thing to say: "only God knows."

Yes, he does. So does everyone who has seen the list, and only God knows that number. We may also guess that Pudge knows, or (at the very least) has a strong suspicion. And am I wrong to read his words as an admission of guilt?

According to iYankees, "Pudge is a HOF player and you probably won't hear anything about him even if his name is on the list." Gosh, I sure don't know about that. We won't hear anything? The arbiters of athletic morality seem to have determined that the greatest players won't be allowed into Cooperstown if they cheated (and, granted, broke a few federal laws along the way). I'm not sure they'll be able to sustain that position if they start letting lesser cheaters into the Hall.

So I suspect that if Pudge's name is on the list -- along with a number of other supposed Hall of Famers -- you're certainly going to hear about it. Should be a ton of fun.


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