Wednesday Wangdoodles

February, 18, 2009
These links were stapled, folded and mailed while I was wondering why I can't justify dumb things I did five years ago by claiming I was young and stupid …

• Tuesday's big (biggest ever?) news conference of course has been analyzed to within almost an inch of its life, but since Joel Sherman might have asked the best question, I'd like to give his column today its own space. Money quote:

    Fitness freak lets untrained relative shoot drugs that the fitness freak cannot fully identify or vouch are safe into his body 36 times, though the fitness freak is not sure he is taking the drugs correctly or if they are having a positive result.

Three years of that? Really? Then again, Alex Rodriguez did admit he was young and stupid (although, as someone on the radio wondered Tuesday, did he get younger and stupider after he left the Mariners?).

• This is a smart move. How often does a contending club add a legitimate everyday player to its bench, and for the major league minimum?

• Congratulations to Sean Foreman, who some years ago created only the best Web site ever and now has been paid handsomely for his efforts. Even better (for us), Sean is keeping a majority stake in his company and will continue his great work.

• Larry Bowa: not Brad Penny's biggest fan. (And I think we have an early leader for best line of 2009: "Put that on the [expletive] dot com.")

• My, how times have changed. There was a time when a 44-year-old pitcher would fight like hell for a job anywhere, even if that meant pitching in the Lickskillet League or wherever. Today, though? Kenny Rogers apparently can't be bothered to pitch for a major league team. Oh well, if the Tigers can't entice Rogers, this guy is available.

• Why haven't the A's signed Orlando Cabrera? It's not the draft pick they would lose for signing a Type A free agent. Susan Slusser:

    For one thing, the A's would lose a second-round pick to Chicago rather than a first-round pick if they were to sign Cabrera, and the source told me that losing a second-rounder is not something that would squash a deal.The A's aren't concerned with it at all. Cabrera's wish for a $9 million-plus salary, though? That could kill things.

Just a point of order: According to FanGraphs, Cabrera has been worth $42 million over the past three seasons … and 2008 was his best season yet. Now, in the real world, a player has different values for different teams. But if Cabrera is the difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs, he's well worth $9 million.

• Because all the kids are doing it, ShysterBall came up with 25 random baseball things about him … and then so did Wezen-Ball! Now I suppose it's my turn; stay tuned …


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