Wednesday Wangdoodles

February, 25, 2009
Today's links were folded and spindled, and then respindled because I just wasn't happy with the first spindling …

• Tim Marchman suggests that a salary cap -- or "payroll zone," as Larry Lucchino calls it -- probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

• Once you've dispensed with trivialities like VORP and UZR and all the rest of them, you can delve into the serious stuff: the Alyssa Milano Effect.

• Just another piece of evidence for the rapidly growing pile: teams are trending smarter … and it started before this winter.

• Tuesday I wrote:

    By my count, after the Twins move into their new palace next spring, only the Dodgers and the Red Sox will play in older homes than the A's. But Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park are both baseball-only cash cows, while the A's are sharing with the Raiders, and nobody shows up even when they're winning.

As any number of helpful readers pointed out, Wrigley Field has been around quite a lot longer than Oakland's Coliseum. Not sure how I missed my second-favoritest ballpark, but anyway it doesn't change my point, which is that multipurpose stadiums built in the 1960s are generally lousy places for a baseball team these days, which is probably why the A's are the only club that still plays in one.

• As Jay Jaffe relates in excruciating detail, the Yankees are hosing their season-ticket holders -- and with some great gusto! -- which isn't surprising but should give one pause the next time one of their PR flacks is talking about the franchise's deep affection for their fans. (Coincidentally, last summer I attended a game at Yankee Stadium, thanks to the largesse of a friend with a season-ticket package … and during a rain delay I bumped into Jay Jaffe. Oh, and my friend has been similarly hosed.)

• Hey, I picked Mickey Rourke, too.

• Hope springs eternal.

• I don't know if the Nation's Dave Zirin is right about Barry Bonds, but any essay that finishes with The Old Man and the Sea is OK by me.

• And finally, if you'll indulge a bit of narcissistic housecleaning: Last week, I mentioned my recent and unhealthy addiction to Facebook's Scrabble, which resulted in a fair number of you attempting to "friend" me. I'm flattered, of course. But I've become a bit overwhelmed just trying to keep track of the "friends" who I actually know. So I'm "ignoring" (terrible word) anyone I don't actually know, and will actually be culling my existing list with the same thing in mind. (If it's any consolation, there's a "Rob Neyer Fan Club" on Facebook -- I know, I know; I can't believe it, either -- and I'll happily check in there every so often. Thanks for thinking of me, and eventually we'll figure out all this newfangled stuff together.)


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