Wednesday Wangdoodles

March, 25, 2009
Wednesday's Link-O-Rama heads your way while I'm wondering whether the last game of this fall's World Baseball Series will be anywhere near as good as the last game of the World Baseball Classic.

• I didn't know John Brattain, but I considered him a valuable colleague. He has now passed. Jonah Keri and Maury Brown, who knew John, offer their tributes.

• ShysterBall reviews his 14 ballparks and counting. I get the question all the time, and every time I have to count them again. For me, it's 38, including (of course) a fair number of defunct buildings. Will probably add two or three more this summer, but I don't make a fetish of it. I just enjoy going to baseball games, sitting in the stands and keeping score.

• Dayn Perry makes the case against the case against Barry Bonds.

• What's to become of Kevin Millwood? Adam Morris reminds us just how far we've come with these questions.

• Lots more good interviews: John Sickels at a KU game; Dickson Baseball Dictionary author Paul Dickson; and Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll.

• Sheesh. First Murray Chass starts blogging (well, sort of), and now a real-life manager? If these guys someday discover links and comments, the rest of us might be in big trouble. …

• Eric Seidman -- with a little help from Mike Jacobs and Hanley Ramirez -- offers a nifty little primer on infield defense.

• I'm not sure which is more disturbing: that Jose Tabata's wife might have swiped a baby, or that she's 43.


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