Wednesday Wangdoodles

April, 1, 2009
Today's links were compiled with a help of a machine:

• Wezen-ball asks (and answers) a question I've pondered a few times over the years (but never bothered to answer, myself).

• Tony La Russa's not really talking, but it looks like the Cardinals have their closer … and some closer he is; Jason Motte struck out 126 batters in 78 innings last year, mostly in Triple-A but also 11 brilliant innings with the big club. I don't know that Motte makes the Cardinals contenders, but he should make them pretty interesting.

• Today I have to submit my 2009 picks to's editorial board. Tim Marchman says it's a fool's errand.

• Jonah Keri wonders: Is this the year the Angels fall back to earth? I say yes: I've got them winning 82 games.

• According to a new poll, fans think baseball tickets cost too much. In other breaking news, swallowing boiling liquid is bad for your throat.

• Gosh. Tough crowd. Last season in Triple-A, Dallas McPherson hit 42 homers in 127 games. Yesterday, the Marlins released him. Considering McPherson's .298 OBP in 127 major league games, I don't suppose he's good enough to play every day. But I'm not sure he can't be the new Russell Branyan.

• Hey! Free book!


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