Keeping an eye on some minor league moves

April, 3, 2009
Some highlights from Baseball America's latest list of minor league transactions:

• The Red Sox signed 29-year-old reliever Rocky Cherry, who was taken by the Mets in the Rule 5 draft, then offered back to the Orioles … who didn't want him. As Baseball America notes, "It's a reasonable gamble for the Red Sox, seeing as Cherry has a 95-to-28 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 91 Triple-A innings."

• The Cubs released their top picks from the 2003, 2004 and 2005 drafts, and in the process waved goodbye to the $5.41 million they initially invested in those three players. Scouting's tough, man.

• The Mets released 21-year-old pitcher Pedro E. Martinez, the son of 37-year-old ex-Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez. Pedro E. logged 37 innings in two rookie leagues, and one can't help but wonder whether he was signed to keep his old man happy.

• The Yankees released Zack Greinke's kid brother Luke, a 12th-round pick out of Auburn last June. Should we be surprised if the Royals sign Luke to keep his older brother happy?

• The Giants released right-hander Justin Hedrick, a reliever with a 2.38 career ERA and 379 strikeouts in 317 innings. As you might have already guessed, Hedrick doesn't throw hard (at all), but he does get guys out, and presumably he can keep pitching for beer and Skittles if he's got nothing better cooking.

• And finally, it's official: The Nationals honored Jim Bowden's handshake agreement and added Dmitri Young to the 40-man roster. Good luck with that.


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