LeSean McCoy a must-handcuff to Westbrook

April, 25, 2009
He's the real Shady, the real slim Shady, all the other slim Shadies are just imitating. LeSean "Shady" McCoy was taken with the No. 53 pick in the draft, and went to the Philadelphia Eagles. The University of Pittsburgh star might've been a first-rounder if the draft had been held in February: He's got great vision, he's a fantastic receiver, and he can make big plays. The reason McCoy dropped in this process is because he's timed slower than most people believed, he measured out a lot smaller than most people believed, and he's proved to be a relatively poor blocker. The real news here, though, is that Brian Westbrook has a legitimate threat to his carries. All spring, I've advocated lowering Westbrook in our fantasy running back rankings; I've got him 13th among ball carriers. That wasn't because I suddenly think he's a bad player. But I'm worried about relatively major knee surgery he had this winter, and I believed (rightly, it turns out) that the Eagles were going to go out and get him some real help. Because McCoy is so gifted in the receiving game, and because he's got big-play ability that could one day project to be like Westbrook's (and because Westbrook fought off similar concerns about his size), I can definitely see McCoy partnering up with Westbrook right away. Westbrook is still the starter, and he's still a fantasy starter. But McCoy looks like a legit handcuff.


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