Environmental Sustainability

Knotty Pine

ESPN is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, improving the health of the planet and inspiring others to do the same. Our support for the environment is infused throughout the company, driving building design, procurement decisions and event logistics. We also actively manage our energy, water and waste consumption.

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Workplace

ESPN strives to reduce our impact on the environment through careful use of our natural resources. Initiatives have included LEED compliance for new construction and renovations, installation of solar panels, upgraded lighting fixtures, modified air conditioning and heating operations, and the installation of motion sensors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, we work with our Bristol campus food vendor to recover prepared food from cafeteria locations around campus and donate that food to local food pantries.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Our commitment to sustainability extends into the communities where we engage with fans. We reduce the impact of our events including College GameDay, ESPYS, espnW Summit and X Games, through waste minimization, the use of renewable resources and environmentally conscious products, and pollution prevention.