Tyler making a big mistake

What is it all coming down to? Now kids are leaving high school early to chase the dream of playing in the pros. It is all about instant gratification and getting the dollars. The problem is that these players lose out on a valuable, irreplaceable time in their lives. They miss out on being a kid!

These young athletes don't have any idea that the most cherished years in life are when you are a kid. To end that before you finish high school is sad. I don't know Jeremy Tyler. The 6-11 San Diego kid is the latest to skip the high school scene to compete professionally overseas. He is 6-11 and had already verbally committed to Louisville. Obviously he has a lot of potential.

But to give up high school to chase that dream so early is sad. What about loyalty to those who have helped him grow? I wonder sometimes about the people these athletes listen to and the advice they are given.

Leaving after completing high school? That I understand. I have said that the one-and-done is a travesty and a farce. If a kid wants to go to the pros and teams want to pick him, so be it. Why force kids to go to school when they don't want to? Why make them student-athletes when that is a fraud?

It is going a step too far to go into a man's world prematurely. How much will this improve the young man with the long-term goal of making it into the NBA? Is it worth the cash to give up your youth?

These kids make the quick move and then end up being basketball vagabonds. They don't get it. I pray for the sake of Mr. Tyler that this works out. But I am telling you this is not healthy.

Finish high school first, and enjoy life as a kid. Don't force growing up and maturing too soon. It is a major adjustment competing in a different country. You have to learn about an entirely different culture.

Enjoy that senior season and be part of a team trying to succeed on the scholastic level. That is my advice.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is about the cash, baby!