John Calipari rebuilding Kentucky

It cannot be considered a surprise that John Calipari is rebuilding the Kentucky program. He is quickly assembling talent in Lexington, but that isn't a shock considering the job he did at Massachusetts and then at Memphis.

Anyone who has followed his career understands that he is at a Rolls Royce program with the Wildcats. That is not meant to disrespect Massachusetts or Memphis, but there is also added pressure from the fans of Big Blue.

Just look at the resources he has at Kentucky. Simply consider the state of the art practice facilities. You'd better believe he has that salesmanship about him. I felt there were a few men who could handle the pressure of coaching in that environment. Rick Pitino did it very successfully. He is a future Hall of Famer who could have won three straight national championships with a little luck.

Calipari, like Pitino, has the magical personality. Kentucky recently signed 6-1 point guard Eric Bledsoe from out of Alabama. He averaged just under a triple-double last season and he should provide leadership with a pass-first mentality. Bledsoe also has potential taking the ball to the hoop and he should be vital in the dribble-and-drive offense employed by Calipari.

Realize that Kentucky's prior regime recruited two solid players in Jon Hood and Daniel Orton. Calipari also brought in Darnell Dotson.

Adding Bledsoe and big-man DeMarcus Cousins provides quite a 1-2 punch to the 'Cats. Then came the great news that Patrick Patterson will be back in Lexington for the upcoming season. Imagine if Jodie Meeks decided to pull out of the NBA draft and return to school?

Kentucky could be looking at Final Four potential right out of the game. You heard me right!

The motivational ability of Calipari plus the talent coming in means success immediately. Even without Meeks, the 'Cats are a legit threat in the SEC.

By the way, Calipari is in the hunt for unsigned standout John Wall.

Fans in Lexington have got to be thrilled. Big blue is back on the right track, baby!