Coach K to stay at Duke

I like the way Mike Krzyzewski handled the situation when his name was mentioned among Los Angeles Lakers coaching rumors.

Coach K gave a clinic on how to put rumors to rest. He simply said that he was not going to the Lakers, he did not know how those rumors started and that he would never leave Duke until he got out of coaching.

That is how you stop the gossip that circulates around. I know there are guys who like seeing their names in their headlines. They love to keep people off balance by saying, "you never know." Those coaches say they are happy today, but down the road …

OK, I get it, don't close the door on the possibility of another job. Keep that leverage available in a future contract negotiation.

Mike Krzyzewski is not like that. I know people out there can say he makes enough cash. Whatever he makes is not enough for the way he has marketed Duke. He has been an incredible ambassador for the sport of college basketball as well as that institution down on Tobacco Road.

There are a handful of coaches that are known for the public relations they have provided for their universities. Guys like Roy Williams at North Carolina, Rick Pitino at Louisville, Jim Boeheim at Syracuse, Jim Calhoun at Connecticut … they bring in revenue and exposure to their schools.

I think back to people like John Thompson at Georgetown, Lou Carnesecca at St. John's, Bob Knight at Indiana and also at Texas Tech. The value to their university couldn't be truly measured by the dollars that they made. It was more than just wins and losses, but the identity and the spirit for the school. Think about the interest, the excitement, the increase in enrollment generated by their success. They are like entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Coach K … and I can hear people screaming that Dickie V his talking about his Dukies again! Let me tell you, they come to the forefront of doing things the right way. I remember Jimmy V used to say you should never mess with happiness. Krzyzewski is happy down in Durham, North Carolina and the school is happy to have a leader of that stature.