BC belongs back in the Big East

The Big East is talking about adding another football school. The conference is looking for someone that will bring some stature to it. They are searching for a school that will provide an upper-echelon look and feel.

I have the answer for new commissioner John Marinatto and it is simple. Bring back Boston College … get them where they belong, in the Big East!

Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo should seriously look at the possibility of getting out of the ACC and returning back where they belong. Remember, the Eagles were an original member of the Big East before they flew the coop.

I understand why the original decision was made. Football drove the bus on this one, as the ACC was considered a stronger football conference, a league that ended up with a big moneymaker in a conference championship football game.

This move back to the Big East would make so much sense. Geographically, having teams in all sports traveling down to the Carolinas and Florida doesn't make as much sense as competing closer to home.

It would be a great addition for the Big East. The Eagles belong there, and I said from the first day they went to the ACC, it didn't make sense. Battling the likes of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut and Rutgers makes sense, especially in this day and age where travel costs have skyrocketed.

When things make this much sense and are this easy to figure out, they usually don't happen, baby!

In the long run, I think the fans and alumni of the Eagles, as well as the players and coaches, would love to be where they belong ... in the Big East.