Renardo Sidney's wake-up call

I remember when Renardo Sidney was a McDonald's All-America out of Fairfax High School out in Los Angeles. He had a world of potential and a tremendous career in front of him.

Now he looks like a young man spiraling out of control.

My friends, he has been on a rough road. He went from high school to high school before landing at Fairfax. His college recruitment had its share of controversy when both UCLA and USC dropped out of the running. Sidney ended up at Mississippi State when it appeared it was the only major school interested in him.

The NCAA did not grant Sidney eligibility last season, making him sit out an entire campaign. He missed more time at the start of this season, making it a total of 42 games on the sidelines before he finally put on the Bulldogs uniform.

Well, he has played a total of two games for coach Rick Stansbury. He was also suspended one game by the coach for conduct detrimental of the team; Sidney reportedly lost it during a practice.

The latest saga of As Renardo Sidney turns was very public. The fight with teammate Elgin Bailey made it to television, the YouTube, and became a very big deal. That was clearly a black eye for Mississippi State's athletic program and another blow to Sidney's once-promising career.

My friends, on the court Sidney still has talent, scoring 19 points in a recent outing against San Diego. Unfortunately he looks a bit out of shape and now he has bigger problems. His immaturity is obvious and the fight with Bailey was ludicrous and absurd.

Mr. Sidney, I have some words of advice for you. I suggest you look in the mirror and realize that you have to grow up in a hurry. If not, you could throw your future away, both on the collegiate level as well as the pros.

I am sure that NBA scouts love the upside of your talent. The downside of your behavior may be too much to overcome.

You are young enough and have the time to turn things around. It would be a good idea to start now, and show your coach and your teammates that you have learned from these mistakes. Then earn your way back onto the court and show some maturity.

Until then, think about what you have done. Think about it and let this serve as a wake-up call. If not, you will end up wasting a lot of talent.