Almanac: 1987

Top five athletes
1. Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers: 23.9 points, 12.2 assists, 52% FG, MVP, Finals MVP.
2. Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls: 37.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists.
3. Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers: 1,078 yards receiving, 23 TDs in just 12 games.
4. Dale Earnhardt Sr.: Wins 11 times in 29 races, captures points title for 2nd straight year.
5. Mike Tyson: Young Iron Mike defends heavyweight title four times.

Top five teams
1. Los Angeles Lakers (65-17). Magic and Worthy at their best, beat Celtics 4-2 in Finals.
2. New York Giants (14-2). And the Gatorade bath was born.
3. Indiana basketball (30-4). Keith Smart's shot wins NCAA title for Bob Knight's Hoosiers.
4. Edmonton Oilers (106 points). Beat Flyers 3-1 in Game 7 of Cup Finals.
5. Canada hockey. Gretzky, Lemieux together; twice beats Soviets 6-5 to win Canada Cup 2-1.

Sports moves

  • Miami Dolphins into Pro Player Stadium

    Pop culture trivia
    Oscar winner: The Last Emporer

    Most popular TV show: The Cosby Show

    Top of the Pops: Walk Like An Egyptian, Bangles

    Fiction bestseller: The Tommyknockers, Stephen King

    Nonfiction bestseller: Time Flies, Bill Cosby

    Pop culture potpourri: Bill Gates becomes a billionaire; Nike introduces "Air"; hot Broadway hit: "Les Miserables"; Koosh Ball comes into play; Jim Bakker/Jessica Hahn sex scandal results in Bakker's PTL resignation.