Up and Away: His spring fadeaway J

Back at the University of Texas, LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE'S signature shot was his jump hook. But his coach, Rick Barnes, told the 6-foot-11 power forward that he'd need a countermove in the NBA, so they began watching film of Tim Duncan and Rasheed Wallace for inspiration. "Tim and Sheed both fade, so we took a bit of both guys for my fadeaway," says Aldridge, now 29. "Guys can't block it because I get it so high." The proof? Since the start of the 2010-11 season, the Blazers' three-time All-Star has led the NBA in made fadeaways. Here's how Aldridge unleashes the shot.


"To get in position, I have to shake the defender first, so I back him down, which sets him off balance. That contact creates the space I need to face the basket. Then I turn."


"I plant my right foot to pivot before I push off of my left. Your power comes from your legs, but your core keeps your body in alignment, so you can fade straight back."


""I'm standing straight up, but I'm about to transfer my weight from all the way forward to all the way back. Good footwork and balance are very important here."


"As I push off my left foot, I kick my right leg out as I move backward. It's an offensive foul if you go into the defender's body, but if I fade and a guy runs into my leg, it's a foul."


"When I shoot, I'm square with the rim. I'm still fading, so my core might be slightly turned to the left, but it's mostly square. Once the shot's up, I'm getting back on D."

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