Catch Him If You Can

During their University of Alabama days, Trent Richardson claimed backfield partner Eddie Lacy had "the nastiest spin move ever." Lacy hatched the move as an undersized 6-year-old who didn't want to get hit, and he features it as his go-to NFL move now, despite being 5-foot-11 and 230 pounds. "Defenders expect most backs my size to run straight into them," says Lacy, who rushed for 101 yards as the Packers beat the Cowboys to reach Sunday's NFC Championship Game. "But I have the ability to spin or run over a defender, so that keeps them guessing." Here, the 23-year-old Lacy shows how he turns the tables on a tackler.


"The direction of the spin depends on if I'm going to run left or right. If I'm going left, I lower my center of gravity and put all of my weight into my right foot so that I can push off into my spin. As I'm running toward the defender, I'm looking at his feet. If he's coming at me with a full head of steam, I'll start to set my feet up to spin."


"I've already slowed down so my feet are in perfect position. I'll plant my right foot into the ground, push off of it and spin left, and he's going to dive past me."


"I get ready to put my right foot into the ground; that's when my body gets lower and I put all my power in that leg so when it hits the ground I can immediately push off and start my spin."


"When I'm spinning, no matter what, I'm not going at top speed. It's about 65 percent. When I spin, I know my surroundings: who's close enough and who's far away. I keep my eyes open because you have to be able to pick up that next person, and I don't duck my head because that leads to serious injuries. As I'm spinning, I'll only put the other hand on the ball when I feel contact."


"Coming out of the spin, I'm immediately looking to see where the next defender is. When I spin, my thought is that if I'm going to get hit out of the spin move, I need to protect the ball."


"My upper body leads the move because I'm protecting the ball. For the most part, I carry the ball high and tight so that even if I do get hit, I'll hold on to it."


"As soon as my foot hits the ground out of the spin move, I'm north-south again. But because I'm a bigger back, it takes me four to eight steps to get back up to full speed."

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