Steph or LeBron? Brady or Rodgers? Messi or Ronaldo? Picking an All-Star lineup full of earthlings is child's play. But choosing from the likes of Luke, Leia and Darth Vader -- along with mysterious newcomers from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" such as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma -- to create the ultimate Star Wars teams for soccer, basketball, football, hockey, cricket and baseball takes skills that are out of this galaxy. With the Force as our ally, we tackled the challenge.

Picking a best Starting XI is a time-honored tradition. In weighing the light and dark sides from all the films, we found a proper balance of the Force in a 4-2-3-1 system that abides by key Star Wars rules such as not having more than two Sith on the same side.



Grand Moff Tarkin: Manager

Home Planet: Eriadu

In Tarkin, you have the key attributes to being a ruthless, effective manager. He makes decisions without becoming entangled in petty emotions (Is that your home planet of Alderaan, Princess Leia? Kaboom!). He has experience keeping Sith such as Vader on their leash and not being intimidated by big egos. He runs the club, Fergie-style, and when the going gets tough, he's not a manager to bail for another club. Remember, this man refused an escape ship when the Death Star was under siege.

Chewbacca: Goalkeeper

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Aerial Dominance

Easy choice, this is. Chewie has the height, strength and wingspan to stop pretty much everything. He's basically Sunderland's Costel Pantilimon with more hair. Plus, he maintains that all-important keeper trait: He's a bit crazy, but in a good way -- a player who won't hesitate to bark at his central defense if it loses concentration. Sure, you have to worry about the Wookiee's propensity to pull opponents' arms out of their sockets if he loses, but Chewbacca will put everyone this side of David de Gea to shame.

Darth Vader: Center Back

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: The Reducer

You need an imposing veteran at the back who makes sure everyone's positioning is correct and intimidates opponents by his sheer presence. Enter the original galactic gangster, Darth Vader. A sort of John Terry in a cape and helmet, you won't find anyone better at the dark arts of soccer. Need to take someone down before he's clear on goal? No moral qualms here. And if anyone manages to get in behind, Vader can execute an invisible choke hold, and the ref will be none the wiser.

Kylo Ren: Center Back

Home Planet: Unknown
Best Skill: Force Push Block

Who better to partner with Lord Vader than Kylo Ren, the man who vows in the "The Force Awakens" trailer: "Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started." Kylo Ren demonstrates a dangerous side -- he's reportedly hell-bent on destroying the last of the Jedi -- with an ability to get his hands dirty, supposedly having built his own lightsaber. What he lacks in Vader-esque experience, he makes up for in maniacal, power-hungry drive.

Boba Fett: Left Back

Home Planet: Kamino
Best Skill: Jet-Fueled Raids Down The Flank

This badass bounty hunter's jet pack allows him to blast up and down the flank -- imagine a more calculating, turbo-charged Luke Shaw -- making him all but impossible to mark in attack and catch out of position defensively. Boba Fett barely says a word, so you won't have to worry about him getting yellow carded for dissent, while his armor protects him from any dirty challenges. And let's face it: All sides need a cult antihero.

Poe Dameron: Right Back

Home Planet: Yavin IV (rumored)
Best Skill: Pinpoint Crosses

Consider Poe the Wedge Antilles of "The Force Awakens" -- he's not the star of the show, but the ace X-Wing pilot and a leader of the Resistance against the First Order will have the intellect and battle-hardened nerves to protect and attack down the right flank without grandstanding or demanding a big contract after every season. He is, in short, the galaxy's Pablo Zabaleta.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Defensive Midfielder

Home Planet: Stewjon
Best Skill: Arguing With Refs

Obi-Wan's worldview is key to his position. "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view," he famously said in "Return of the Jedi." Indeed, Obi-Wan intuitively understands soccer's moral relativism, the kind you need to be a little naughty in the defensive midfield. Obi-Wan can also defend his teammates: "This isn't the player you're looking for," he says as he effortlessly waves his hand in front of the match official, before pointing an incriminating finger toward Diego Costa.

Captain Phasma: Defensive Midfielder

Home Planet: Unknown
Best Skill: Late Tackling

To excel as a defensive midfielder, you need a nasty streak -- think Javier Mascherano, who never gives up in chasing balls or pulls out of a tackle. Enter First Order loyalist Captain Phasma. We don't know much about this uber-stormtrooper yet, but we know enough. Phasma commands the First Order's legions of troopers and is said to be ruthless. In short, she can help provide direction in the midfield and take anyone out at any time when there's a need to break up a counterattack.

Luke Skywalker: Attacking Midfielder, Central

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Killer Assists

Your No. 10 between the two attacking midfielders, Skywalker will create chances in front of goal and open up space for others. It's a selfless trait Luke revealed when he travelled to Bespin to rescue Han Solo and Princess Leia. Of course, that happened after Luke disobeyed Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, again showing the young Jedi's impulsive nature. Suffice to say, Louis van Gaal would hate Skywalker's reckless nature. His tendency to daydream could also earn him the reputation of being the galaxy's Mesut Ozil, but when focused, Skywalker makes unlocking defenses look as easy as sniping womp rats from his trusty T-16.

Princess Leia Organa: Attacking Midfielder, Left

Home Planet: Alderaan
Best Skill: Bending It Like Beckham

With her ESP-like connection to her brother, Luke, Leia is always a step ahead of the opposition. It's the perfect tandem: Luke opens up space, and Leia runs into it seamlessly and without so much as a wink to alert defenders. Leia also brings more organizational smarts to the attack, and she isn't afraid to take her teammates to task if they get too big for their boots. You can already hear her telling Han Solo, after another failed long-range attempt, "I don't know where you get your delusions, laser brain."

Han Solo: Attacking Midfielder, Right

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Shots From Distance

Every side needs that player -- the scruffy-looking solo artist who guns for glory and never sees a shot that's not worth taking. Han Solo brings little subtlety to his attacking role. In this intergalactic soccer world, he always shoots first (sorry, Greedo) and exhibits enough street smarts to get into the heads of opponents with his blunt trash talking. Think of him as a combination Arjen Robben and Diego Costa, only likable.

Yoda: Striker

Home Planets: Coruscant And Dagobah
Best Skill: Swirling Bicycle Kick

Let's be clear: We're talking about Yoda from "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith," the little green menace who battled Count Dooku and the Emperor with such blinding speed you could only keep track of his movements thanks to his green lightsaber. This Yoda is the perfect player to run in behind defenses before they even know he's there, weave in between central defenders and jump high to get on the end of any cross on set plays. Many goals, Yoda will score.

As the Warriors run through the NBA like a basketball Death Star, we turn to a galaxy far, far away in hopes (a new hope, some might say) of finding the only lineup capable of beating them. And though it seems at times like Stephen Curry is using the Force to guide his shot into the basket, we're confident our ragtag bunch of scruffy-looking nerf herders is up to the challenge of restoring balance to the league.



Obi-Wan Kenobi: Coach

Home Planet: Stewjon

There's nothing more valued in coaching than experience, and Obi-Wan has more than anyone. Plus he's got the Phil Jackson-esque beard -- and you know with those robes he's super Zen.

Luke Skywalker: Point Guard

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: One-Handed Jam

The (Force-enhanced) vision he demonstrated in destroying the Death Star can only be matched by Chris Paul's ridiculous level of court vision. Who else would you want running things?

Kylo Ren: Shooting Guard

Home Planet: Unknown
Best Skill: Killer Crossover

We don't know much about this newcomer, but it's rumored that he has modeled his Sith repertoire after Vader himself. Sounds a bit like a dark-side version of Kobe Bryant modeling everything about his NBA career after Michael Jordan. I can't think of a better fit at the 2-guard.

Lando Calrissian: Small Forward

Home Planet: Socorro
Best Skill: Smooth Transition Game

What's the most important quality for a wing? To be smooooooth. And there's no one in the galaxy -- be it this one or one far, far away -- smoother than Calrissian. Plus, living in Cloud City, you know he's got ups.

Han Solo: Power Forward

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Shooting First

You know this smuggler is willing to do the dirty work. In an era that emphasizes the stretch 4, you definitely want a power forward who will shoot first -- and every true "Star Wars" fan knows Han shot first.

Chewbacca: Center

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Rip-Through

Brook Lopez, an All-Star center, has said he wants to play a Wookiee in the next "Star Wars" movie, so who better to man the middle than the main Wookiee himself? Chewie's wingspan is off the charts, and who really wants to drive against a creature who will rip your arms off if he loses in a game of Dejarik?

Yoda: Sixth Man

Home Planets: Coruscant And Dagobah
Best Skill: Aerial Acrobatics

Sure, he's small, but so is Nate Robinson. And Robinson not only won three dunk contests, but he averaged 16.3 points per game for the Bulls in Derrick Rose's absence in the 2013 playoffs. Imagine what he could do with the Force on his side.

This lineup is built on lightsabermetrics, using empirical data to outslug the evil empire. It features a Sith lord with a sweet stroke, a Wookiee with an impressive WAR and a droid who can draw walks. And these Jedis aren't afraid to embrace the dark side, making squeeze plays and painting the black. May the forceout be with you.



Obi-Wan Kenobi: Manager

Home Planet: Stewjon

Wise and mysterious, Obi-Wan is a guiding force in the clubhouse who can deftly handle a pitching staff of Jedi Knights. Much like Billy Martin's relationship with Reggie Jackson, though, he doesn't get along very well with his right fielder.

R2-D2: Catcher

Home Planet: Naboo
Best Skill: Calling Pitches

This is the droid you're looking for to call games, as he's superb at finding the best pitch sequencing. R2's array of extendable arm attachments allows him to block all the balls in the dirt. And for a catcher, he's got wheels on the basepaths.

Chewbacca: First Base

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Power

A lumbering first baseman of few words, this Wookiee is definitely a bat-first player who can hit cleanup in our lineup. Chewy will probably go the Ted Kluszewski route and wear a sleeveless jersey to show off those hairy guns. In fact, he may go pantless as well.

Yoda: Second Base

Home Planets: Coruscant And Dagobah
Best Skill: Drawing Walks

Size matters not to this approximately 2-foot-2 middle infielder; good luck throwing strikes to him. No one's better at working the count than Yoda, which is why he'll hit leadoff. Think Eddie Yost, whose nickname was "The Walking Man." A wiser baserunner find, you will not.

Luke Skywalker: Third Base

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Defense

As he proved when he escaped the trash compactor, Luke can get out of any jam. This will be helpful at the hot corner, where he has to be ready to field a grounder, line drive or even a bunt. Although he was known to whine about playing time early in his career, Skywalker proved himself capable with a glove and has mastered the force play.

Princess Leia Organa: Shortstop

Home Planet: Alderaan
Best Skill: Dealing With Teammates

Hey, it's not easy being the only woman on the team, but Leia is used to being a rebel and challenging an evil empire -- be it the Sith or the Yankees. She deftly captains the infield and has a knack for rallying the troops. She's also good at stealing the opposing team's signs.

Boba Fett: Left Field

Home Planet: Kamino
Best Skill: Rocket Launcher Of An Arm

Nobody looks better in uniform than Fett, the son of former major leaguer Jango Fett. The bounty hunter has always been viewed as a supporting player, but many believe he has the ability to break out and carry a lineup on his own.

Han Solo: Center Field

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Veteran Presence

Nobody's better at facing an 0-and-2 count than this swashbuckling center fielder. Solo threatened to hit the market as a free agent, but he eventually took the hometown discount and stayed put. He's our No. 3 hitter: The best player on the team. And he knows it.

Darth Vader: Right Field

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Desire To Win

Fresh off a 50-game suspension for Force-choking an opposing pitcher, this power-hitting right fielder can do it all at the plate. This Dark Lord has a nice stroke, and he's also an expert at reading pitchers' minds. But Vader's nasty temper can get the better of him, and he's sometimes viewed as a poor mentor to teammate Skywalker.

Jar Jar Binks: Designated Hitter

Home Planet: Naboo
Best Skill: Distracting The Opposing Team

Few appreciate the designated hitter, and in particular Jar Jar, who annoys his teammates with his nonstop chatter in the dugout. Like a lot of DHs, he's a bit clumsy -- although some speculate that it's all a ruse and he's actually quite adept in the field.

Lando Calrissian: Pitcher

Home Planet: Socorro
Best Skill: Veteran Who Has Seen It All

He's lost a little bit off of his fastball, and you can't always trust his stuff, but Calrissian still has a nasty changeup. He likes to gamble a little too much on the mound, but he usually comes through with the big pitch when his team needs him to.

In hockey circles, a blend of toughness, skill and unforgiving defense wins championships. With that in mind, owner Emperor Palpatine has bankrolled general manager Yoda and coach Obi-Wan Kenobi's collection of the slickest badass players this side of the galaxy. If you thought the Charlestown Chiefs and Syracuse Bulldogs gooned it up, you ain't seen nothin' yet.



Obi-Wan Kenobi: Coach

Home Planet: Stewjon

Coach Kenobi is highly skilled at moving his players around like chess pieces in order to match up against the opposition's toughest players. His thoughtful and calm demeanor belies the rough and savage experience he has gained in the game. His players respect his courage and the depth of his knowledge and would go to the wall for him.

Darth Vader: Goaltender

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Heightened Visual Awareness

The man in the mask is a little unpredictable. Like with most goaltenders, you just never know when he's going to snap and clear the crease by swinging his stick around like a lightsaber. But Vader's ability to mesmerize the opposition causes shooters to choke in the clutch. And when spread to its fullest size, his cape covers almost the entire net.

Captain Phasma: Defenseman

Home Planet: Unknown
Best Skill: Clearing The Slot

Not much is known about this mysterious character from deep space other than she has a mean streak as wide as an asteroid belt. That attitude should enable her to mercilessly clear traffic in front of the net. Phasma's leadership qualities make her a good candidate to be captain. She is easily recognized on the ice by her silver helmet.

Boba Fett: Defenseman

Home Planet: Kamino
Best Skill: Stealing The Puck

You don't want to get caught in the corners digging for the puck against this guy. A man of few words, Boba Fett does his talking with his sharp elbows and heavy shoulder pads. He'll do whatever it takes as long as the price is right, making him the ultimate player to have when he's a pending unrestricted free agent.

Chewbacca: Left Wing

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Clutching And Grabbing

This monstrous forward has skills, and he can step in and end an altercation in a flash. Chewbacca, Han Solo's wingman, will do just about anything for his center. He also has surprisingly soft hands and provides a colossal screen in front of the net on the power play.

Han Solo: Center

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Quickness On The Draw

Highly proficient on faceoffs, Han Solo always manages to find a way to get the job done. Although sometimes seen as selfish by his teammates, he still leads by example. Solo is especially valuable for his ability to stay calm when the opposition has the man advantage.

Kylo Ren: Right Wing

Home Planet: Unknown
Best Skill: Crashing The Crease

Kylo Ren is a finisher on this line, boasting great hands and a stick he made himself. He moves swiftly and sometimes recklessly, making him a perfect fit for the team's No. 1 trio.

Lightsabers are threatening but hardly handy at the wicket. Skill with the bat and precision with the ball are all that count. Captained by the noble Qui-Gon Jinn, this team boasts a fine mix of technical skills, brute force, agile Force-fielding and, through Han Solo, even top-class sledging. An explosive batting lineup is complemented by a just-as-fearsome bowling attack. Bring it on, you must.



Chewbacca: Opener/First Slip

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Wookiee-Cut

Fashionable, tough and loyal -- who could even think of sledging good ol' Chewie? He is the perfect team player, making him the ideal candidate to see off the new ball with his lusty blows and violent slogs. And he's a great driver to boot. He has an aggressive side, however, and wouldn't think twice about ripping a mouthy seamer's arm off.

Han Solo: Opener/Short Leg

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Drop Anchor/Venomous Tongue

He's out there to do the dirty work, both on and off the field. Han's constant quips and sledging at short leg can throw any batsman off. His great connection with Chewbacca makes him a no-brainer to open the innings, drastically reducing the chances of run-outs. His overall impact on the dressing room and team morale is a bonus.

Jabba The Hutt: No. 3/Wicketkeeper

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Track Flattener

He's not the most mobile player and could perhaps do with a runner, but half the battle is already won for Jabba just by looking down on his opponents. His slogs are pretty devastating, too. He is handy behind the stumps, gobbling up anything and everything that goes past the bat.

Luke Skywalker: No. 4/Deep Fielder Or Slips

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: The Hook

Luke is always good for a fight and more than handy getting a swing. He's adjustable anywhere in the top order. Playing with just one hand can cause problems, but the Force comes in handy to pull off some blinders on the field.

Yoda: No. 5/Square Leg

Home Planets: Coruscant And Dagobah
Best Skill: Flight And Levitation

Yoda is a lot more agile than he looks, a master of telekinesis and a whiz with the lightsaber -- traits that make him the obvious pick for the team's specialist all-rounder. His experience is vital during crunch situations. Yoda's ability to create flight and levitation makes him a handy spin option, too.

Qui-Gon Jinn: No. 6/Cover

Home Planet: Coruscant
Best Skill: A Very Particular Set Of Skills

Jinn, who personally trained two members of this XI and influenced Yoda toward the secrets of eternal life, is the captain this team. He can cope with extreme turn and heavy pace on any planet. He's not the best judge of young talent, though.

Darth Maul: No. 7/Opening Bowler

Home Planet: Dathomir
Best Skill: Dual-Bladed Swing

With glaring yellow eyes, Maul is an intimidating seamer. He even gives his own captain, Qui-Gon Jinn, nightmares. Sending two batsmen to gang up on him is just futile.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: No. 8/Point

Home Planet: Stewjon
Best Skill: Impenetrable Jedi Defense

Obi-Wan's techniques are best used down the order during the death, when the team needs quick runs with minimal effort. His mastery of the Force keeps him razor sharp to pounce on any chances at point and grounded at the crease to preserve wickets.

Emperor Palpatine: No. 9/Third Man

Home Planet: Naboo
Best Skill: Extreme Powerplay

His creative, albeit shady, use of the Force puts him as the best candidate to marshal the bowling attack. Palpatine and Maul bowling at opposite ends would be the stuff of nightmares. While fielding, Palpatine will be stationed at third man to dry up the boundaries.

Lando Calrissian: No. 10/Long On

Home Planet: Socorro
Best Skill: Smooth Drives

Lando can be a handy lower-order bat as well as a valuable asset to deceive batsmen with his medium pace. His clever sleight of hand will keep opponents guessing whether to expect a leg-break, an off-cutter, a googly or a broken jaw. He can hold his own during crunch situations and rescue his teammates from any possible collapses.

Darth Vader: No. 11/Fine Leg

Home Planets: Tatooine
Best Skill: Toe Crushers

His mastery of the Force makes him a devastating prospect with the ball, drying up the runs and yorking the batsmen. He's also blessed with better-than-Jedi reflexes, so few chances in the leg-side would go begging. With both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn providing a calming influence on the field, teammates can be assured that Vader's power is kept in check.

Our spread offense features a one-back system that favors distributing the ball to our "Force Factor" receiving corps. Strong and sound, our defense is, and it's built around clones. This team is made up of rebels, bounty hunters (we do need their scum), a few Sith for an added edge and a scruffy-looking nerf herder calling the signals.



Emperor Palpatine: Head Coach

Home Planet: Naboo

A head coach has to be a CEO, politician, master motivator and, when necessary, be willing to light a fire under his players by shooting Dark Force lightning at them.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Offensive Coordinator

Home Planet: Stewjon

"That wizard is just a crazy old man," Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker's uncle, once said of Obi-Wan Kenobi. But the Jedi Master's play-calling should not be questioned. With the Zen-like demeanor of Phil Jackson and the hoodie proficiency of Bill Belichick, Obi-Wan spends his offseasons breaking down hologram film and drawing up schemes. Implementing a meticulous blueprint developed during the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan refers to his spread offense as "an elegant weapon for a more civilized age."

Yoda: Defensive Coordinator

Home Planets: Coruscant And Dagobah

"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense," the 900-year-old mastermind loves to say. His players are relentless, and his swamp and cave drills are legendary.

Han Solo: Quarterback

Home Planet: Corellia
Best Skill: Escapability

Our wide-open offense demands a quarterback with a gunslinger's mentality, and Solo brings swagger to the position. He overcame early concerns about his attitude to become a true leader, and after missing a season while frozen in carbonite, Solo is now physically ready. Time spent running from stormtroopers has improved his mobility, and despite questions regarding his accuracy, he can be trusted to shoot first and hit the mark. When told he was facing an overwhelming favorite in one matchup, Solo responded, "Never tell me the odds!"

Princess Leia Organa: Running Back

Home Planet: Alderaan
Best Skill: Toughness

Our offense requires tough and smart players in the backfield. As a former member of the Imperial Senate, Princess Leia has embraced her role as a leader on and off the field. She objected to Solo at quarterback early in her career, calling him "scruffy looking," but through a gutsy, tough loss in a road game at Hoth, the duo united to become the heart and soul of the team.

Darth Vader: Tight End

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Power Of The Dark Side

Tight ends have become defenses' worst nightmare, boasting size and speed that are difficult to match. Darth Vader is the team's leading receiver and most intimidating presence. He's the first guy off the bus after someone melts and explodes the door so he can climb through. The veteran has developed an almost father-son bond with young Luke Skywalker in the receiving corps.

Darth Maul: Wide Receiver

Home Planet: Dathomir
Best Skill: Strength In A Small Frame

Another member of the "Force Factor" receiving corps, Darth Maul doesn't waste time with trash talk -- though he will bring some dark-side edge to the group. His speed and athleticism can be a double-edged sword for opposing defenses to deal with.

Boba Fett: Wide Receiver

Home Planet: Kamino
Best Skill: Take-Off Speed

Boba Fett ran with a bad crowd, and his past as a bounty hunter drew suspicions from the NCAA for illegal benefits. And while he is neither Jedi nor Sith, he does have a jet pack. Coaches say you can't teach speed, but you really can't teach jet-pack speed.

Luke Skywalker: Wide Receiver

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: One-Handed Grabs

Skill at wide receiver is essential for this team, especially when said skill is, to quote Obi-Wan, "an energy field created by all living things" that "binds the galaxy together." That's a good enough reason to risk playing both Jedi and Sith as pass-catchers. Skywalker, who grew up on a farm, brings a blue-collar work ethic. His ability to use the "Force pull" is better than any pair of gloves the competition's receivers will have. While he hasn't mastered the position just yet, the centerpiece of the offense is capable of hero moments when the team needs him most.

Chewbacca: Left Tackle

Home Planet: Kashyyyk
Best Skill: Tearing Off Arms

A quarterback needs trusty players watching his back. Chewbacca is a beast, literally. At over 7 feet tall, with long arms and a ferocious mentality, he's the prototypical blindside protector.

Jabba The Hutt: Left Guard

Home Planet: Tatooine
Best Skill: Taking Up Space

Jabba brings real mass and size to the offensive line. While certainly not agile, his ruthless mentality and ability to dispatch anyone who gets in his way is important to the offensive philosophy.

R2-D2: Center

Home Planet: Naboo
Best Skill: Communications

This real innovator anchors the offensive line. To overcome obvious size limitations, he developed his own "shock block" to literally zap opponents.

Qui-Gon Jinn: Right Guard

Home Planet: Coruscant
Best Skill: Leadership

A wise veteran, Qui-Gon Jinn is a leader and calming influence on the offensive line. His willingness to sacrifice his body for the good of the team has endeared him to his teammates.

General Grievous: Right Tackle

Home Planet: Kalee
Best Skill: Jedi Training Without The Mental Hang-Ups

General Grievous is over 7 feet tall with four arms. He's a nasty blocker on the edge.

Clone Troopers: Defense

Home Planet: Kamino
Best Skill: Teamwork!

The team prides itself on a no-name, just-do-your-job mentality, with 11 guys united by a common goal. So, 11 guys who literally share the same genetic makeup makes sense. Plus a lot of teams like to roll out slick, all-white uniforms. We invented that.

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