Tennis Confidential

With the French Open around the corner, we took to the courts to anonymously poll 31 tennis pros on everything from dress codes to drugs. Nothing was out of bounds.

Who is the most underrated player in tennis right now?

David Ferrer: 19.4%Dominic Thiem: 9.6%
Angelique Kerber: 6.5%Milos Raonic: 6.5%
Timea Bacsinzky: 6.5%Garbine Muguruza: 6.5
Johanna Konta: 6.5%Karolina Pliskova: 6.5%

David Ferrer: 19.4%
Dominic Thiem: 9.6%
Angelique Kerber: 6.5%
Milos Raonic: 6.5%
Timea Bacsinszky: 6.5%
Garbine Muguruza: 6.5%
Johanna Konta: 6.5%
Karolina Pliskova: 6.5%

Who is the most overrated?
Grigor Dimitrov: 12.9%; Maria Sharapova: 12.9%; Caroline Wozniacki: 9.7%


Do you think Roger Federer will win another Grand Slam title?

No: 48.4%Yes: 51.6%

No: 48.4%
Yes: 51.6%

Has Serena Williams lost her air of invincibility?

No: 67.7% Yes: 32.2%

No: 67.7%
Yes: 32.2%

If Serena had played a full season on the men's tour, what would her current ATP rank be? Between 0 and 500: 19.4%; Between 501 and 1,000: 48.4%; Outside the top 1,000: 32.3%


Who is the biggest diva on tour?

Maria Sharapova: 35.5%Eugenie Bouchard: 12.9%
Serena Williams: 12.9%Victoria Azarenka: 12.9%
Caroline Wozniacki: 9.7%Jelena Jankovic: 9.7%

Maria Sharapova: 35.5%
Eugenie Bouchard: 12.9%
Serena Williams: 12.9%
Victoria Azarenka: 12.9%
Caroline Wozniacki: 9.7%
Jelena Jankovic: 9.7%

Wimbledon's all-white dress code: Take it or leave it?

Leave: 58.1%Take: 41.9%

Leave it: 58.1%
Take it: 41.9%

Have you ever suspected an opponent of fixing a match?

Yes: 74.2%No: 25.8%

No: 74.2%
Yes: 25.8%

Yes or no: I know a tennis player who has used PEDs in his or her career.

No: 77.4% Yes: 22.3%

No: 77.4 %
Yes: 22.3%

What percent of current players do you think have taken PEDs at some point in their careers? Less than 10 percent: 71.0%; Between 11 and 25 percent: 29.0%; More than 25 percent: 0%


How long should Maria Sharapova's suspension for a failed drug test last?

One year: 64.5%
Multi-year: 29.0%
No punishment: 6.5%

One year: 64.5%
Multi-year: 29.0%
No punishment: 6.5%

Do you think tennis players get tested for drugs too often or not often enough? Not enough: 64.5%; Too often: 35.2%


Reporting by Matt Wilansky
Illustrations by Aaron Dana

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