The Unparalleled Style of Danell Leyva

Universal Gymnastics in Miami is as much a launching pad for Olympic dreams as it is a cathedral to its homegrown star, Danell Leyva. So with all eyes on him at his gym, we asked the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist to show us his gold-winning World Championship routine on the parallel bars.

An introduction to parallel bars with Olympian Danell Leyva

Danell Leyva introduces us to his approach and routine for the parallel bars.

"I see gymnastics as a performance. To me, it is a form of art."-- Danell Leyva
The hands of a gymnast

Danell Leyva shows us his beat up hands and explains his preparation methods and how important it is to care for your hands as a gymnast. A hand injury could severely impact training or even keep you out of competition.

"You can compare Danell to Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali. He's different than everybody. When you see him in a handstand, you know that's him. When you hear Sinatra sing, you know it's Sinatra." -- Yin Alvarez, Leyva's coach
The art of the dismount

Danell Leyva explains the dismount, an intricate move that takes power, elegance and precision. The details matter and if you don't stick the dismount, you're looking at major deductions.

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