Kyle Byrd And The Diamondbacks Raise Awareness of SMA

Though they don't get out to the ballpark as much as they'd like to, the Byrds are familiar faces with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Three years ago, Make-A-Wish granted Kyle Byrd his dream, to play for the Diamondbacks for a day. He received hitting lessons from Aaron Hill and Paul Goldschmidt, threw out the first pitch and was featured on ESPN's My Wish series.
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Sky's The Limit For Anna Schmidt

The last time we saw Anna Schmidt, she was a 13-year-old with sandy-brown hair and freckles, a pistol of a kid who told Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers that he didn't look so good in a mustache. It was August 2010, five months after her heart transplant, and Make-A-Wish had granted Schmidt her dream, spending a day with the Packers.
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Valdez Inspired Many, Including Idol Kerri Walsh

It was the summer of 2012, and Tianna had two dreams: to wear her coveted blue club uniform again, and to hang out with three-time Olympic gold-medal volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings. And one of them was just about to happen.
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There's No Crying, But My Wish Emotions Run Deep

First, you don't cry.

At least that's how I've gotten through the 180 or so individual interviews we've conducted over the past 11 years with our My Wish families. Yes, my fingernails have carved arcs of suppressed feeling into chairs, sofas and love seats across the country. I've pinched my right leg through my trousers multiple times in a single day. When in deep trouble, I've broken eye contact with our subject, looked down and tried to just hold on for a few moments, as if clinging to a raft careening through whitewater.
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