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For these wish recipients, My Wish created a sense of empowerment and hope for the future, and an engagement with life outside hospital rooms.

2009: Cole Johanson and Chris Paul

"Chris Paul impacted my life through his extreme kindness and humbleness. He's the nicest athlete I've ever met and we continue to meet up every year or two. Basketball continues to be my passion and I am the starting point guard on my high school varsity basketball team," says Cole, 17.

2009: Ian Gregory and the Dallas Cowboys

"Prior to the wish, Ian was not doing well. He fought every treatment, every procedure and was very resistant. After the wish, Ian came back and said, 'Do whatever you want to me -- I CAN BEAT THIS!' Ian is now in sixth grade. He is doing very well and enjoys playing golf," says Shane Gregory, Ian's father.

2006: Steven Castro, Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees

"My wish gave me life. For a time period, it kept me hopeful and determined to get through tough times. It's the No. 1 highlight in my life. No other experience I've had/will have will be as impactful as this one. Now 21, I am a photographer, writer, cinematographer, graphic designer, DJ and musician," says Steven.

2008: Dani Krause and Michelle Kwan

"I was 10 when the wish was granted. Now 18, I've been cancer free for 11 years. I attend high school and this past year I became of a member of the National Honor Society," says Dani.

2014: Amarissa Mauricio and Gabby Douglas

"My wish encouraged me to keep going, to have hope. If I did not have this wish granted, I honestly do not know where I would be now. It changed my life. I am very involved with raising awareness and money for Lupus, serving as a junior ambassador for Lupus, filming a PSA for Lupus and speaking at fundraisers." says Amarissa, 16.

2011: Adam Hubbs and Tim Tebow

"Without my wish, 2011 would be remembered as the year I had a stroke. Instead, it's the year I became friends with Tim Tebow. Today, I am currently a junior at the University of Missouri studying sports marketing and communications. Sports is still my passion and I am a student assistant with the football team," says Adam.

2012: Tucker Dupont and Rory McIlroy

"My wish allowed me to see that the chances of something drastic happening to me is possible, so if I reach for that it will probably end [up] being a great experience. This spring, I graduated from high school and will attend Iowa State University," says Tucker.

2013: Kyle Byrd and the Arizona Diamondbacks

"I feel like I got to live out a dream. My favorite parts were being on the field and playing with the big leaguers. I like it when people recognize me at the ballpark. I will be in fourth grade in the fall, " says Kyle.

2009: Matthew Vojack and David Wright

"Matthew is doing well very. He will enter eighth grade in the fall. He pitches and plays shortstop on his travel baseball team," says Debbie Vojack, Matthew's mother.

2013: Rylee Durham and Kasey Kahne

"Rylee met with Kasey and he gave her the one thing she didn't have before she met Kasey, and that was confidence in herself. We couldn't believe how she came out of her shell and started talking with Kasey and his team. It carried over into her everyday life. She is recognized when we go places and she is always willing to tell her experience with Kasey and the Make-A-Wish Foundation and how her wish impacted her and how lucky she was to be able to do it. Rylee just got her driving learner's permit," says Mandi Goodale, Rylee's mother. Rylee is 15 now.

2011: Kendall Curnuck and Bethany Hamilton

"Kendall's wish was life changing. It gave us back a week of carefree fun and normalcy without doctors and hospitals. It helped her push forward in the tough days that followed. This spring, Kendall raised over $5,000 for pediatric cancer. She attended a surf camp last summer and hopes to return this year," says Lisa Curnuck, Kendall's mother. Kendall is 13 now.

2012: Sam Jacobson and Alex Ovechkin

"My Make-A-Wish trip was one of the best days of my life. I got to skate with my favorite athlete from my favorite sport, which is something not many people are able to do. It was a complete vacation from everything we were experiencing on a day-to-day basis. My family and I are forever grateful and it was a week we will never forget. I am proud to say that I am actively involved in volunteering with Make-A-Wish Idaho," says Sam, 20. (Recent photo by Wendy McDonough Photography)

2013: Kevin Lee and the Seattle Seahawks

"It changed not only Kevin's life but the life of everyone around us. It was touching to see so many people care about him and see how special he truly is. He is an awesome human being with a great personality that has touched many lives. I'm grateful his life was so profoundly affected and that people showed a genuine concern for him and loved him like we do. The generosity is overwhelming. His sister also grew from this experience and we will forever be grateful for these memories," says Kevin's mom. Kevin is now 15.

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