Welcome to Section 250

Experience the game from the perspective of this band of true believers. Fans in Section 250 are a family, bound by faith in the Bears and one another. Win or lose, it's a place to be, to belong.

Being a fan is an attitude, a belief system, a way you carry yourself.

The view from Section 250.

They live in different worlds, but come NFL Sunday they are one. It's not just whom you root for, it's whom you root with - it's being a citizen of the village that springs up at every Bears home game in Section 250 of Soldier Field. To explore the stadium, click to drag and pinch to zoom.

Sylvia Giacomuzzi and friends remain ever hopeful.

Mark Bolier lives and dies with the Bears on every play.

The serious cheering (and occasional wailing) requires serious replenishment.

They call Tracy McGrath (No. 1) the "First Down Lady."

They live in different worlds, but come Sunday, they are one.

Robert Raczyk wears his Brian Piccolo jersey to every game.

The party in the parking lot begins well before kickoff.

At times like this, you have to let yourself go.

Beer vendor Terry Miller thinks of the fans in Section 250 as family.

DaJuan Lacking lets 'em have it.

Two rules: Never give up, and always wear a hat.

Clearing the north end zone.

A late-season win over the 49ers was cause for celebration.

Football in Chicago is not for the faint of heart.

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