The moments that define Derek Jeter

As No. 2 is inducted into the Hall of Fame, we relive the sights and sounds of nine iconic plays -- and one historic Yankee Stadium speech -- that helped cement The Captain's legacy.

Editor's Note: This was originally published in 2017, when Derek Jeter's jersey number was retired by the New York Yankees.

Years after his death, legendary PA announcer Bob Sheppard's voice -- The Voice of God, as it is known in the Bronx -- still could be heard at Yankee Stadium, a taped introduction that played a handful of times each home game:

"Now batting for the Yankees ... No. 2 ... Derek ... Jeter ... No. 2."

For two decades, those words preceded a host of iconic moments at the plate. Jeter won five World Series rings. He smacked 3,465 career hits. His No. 2 was retired by the New York Yankees. And on Wednesday, he will be inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame.

While those titles and statistics are impressive, it's those iconic moments -- not only at bat, but in the field and even in front of a microphone -- that tell the full story of The Captain.

Here are 10 of those moments, along with the other voices -- the radio and television play-by-play calls -- that added an exclamation point to so many of Sheppard's opening statements.


The Jeffrey Maier home run

Yankees vs. Orioles AL Championship Series Game 1 Oct. 9, 1996


The Subway Series leadoff

Yankees at Mets World Series Game 4 Oct. 25, 2000


The flip

Yankees at Athletics AL Division Series Game 3 Oct. 13, 2001


The Mr. November home run

Yankees vs. Diamondbacks World Series Game 4 Nov. 1, 2001


The dive

Yankees vs. Red Sox July 1, 2004


The stadium farewell

Yankees vs. Orioles Final game at old Yankee Stadium Sept. 21, 2008


The Yankees' hit king

Yankees vs. Orioles Sept. 11, 2009


The fifth ring

Yankees vs. Phillies World Series Game 6 Nov. 4, 2009


The 3,000th hit

Yankees vs. Rays July 9, 2011


The grand finale

Yankees vs. Orioles Sept. 25, 2014

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