Simulating the entire 2020 NFL season: Scores and storylines for all 269 games, plus a Super Bowl champion

We played out one of our Football Power Index's 20,000 season sims, from Week 1 through Super Bowl LV, with game winners, playoff races and more.

Simulating all 269 games of the 2020 NFL season

Sorry, NFL fans. We’re about to spoil the 2020 season.

Each preseason, we run 20,000 simulations of the entire slate with ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI), our projection system. A lot goes into it, including expected starting quarterback, past performance, returning starters and projected win totals. The culmination is a strength rating for all 32 teams that helps us predict outcomes.

But today, only one of those sims matters: No. 3,869. We played out that single result across every game, giving us tight division races, QB controversies, breakouts and of course a Super Bowl LV champion. We also baked in NFL analyst Mike Clay’s player projections to give us stat leaders throughout the season.

Some creative license went into the storylines, and yes, this is just one of the 20,000 outcomes we found. But the season will ultimately happen only one way, and this is the one we chose to explore. Let’s dive into Week 1.

Weeks 1–4

Football is back, and it’s off to a wild start. Can anyone take down the defending champion Chiefs? How will Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski fit in the Tampa Bay offense? Will the Ravens or perhaps even the Bills challenge out of the AFC?

Week 1 Scores

Chiefs vs. Texans 35–7
Falcons vs. Seahawks 26–6
Ravens vs. Browns 24–10
Bills vs. Jets 28–7
Raiders @ Panthers 23–13
Bengals vs. Chargers 26–17
Lions vs. Bears 17–16
Colts @ Jaguars 34–7
Rams vs. Cowboys 17–10
Vikings vs. Packers 16–8
Patriots vs. Dolphins 37–35
Saints vs. Buccaneers 30–13
49ers vs. Cardinals 31–29
Eagles @ Washington 27–20
Broncos vs. Titans 23–20
Steelers @ Giants 41–17

Patrick Mahomes picks up where he left off, with a 35-7 dismantling of the Texans — including three touchdown passes — on national television to open the season. The message is clear: The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere.

Week 2 Scores

Browns vs. Bengals 16–10
Cardinals vs. Washington 29–26
Giants @ Bears 23–20
Cowboys vs. Falcons 24–19
Packers vs. Lions 38–3
Texans vs. Ravens 33–20
Vikings @ Colts 24–10
Chiefs @ Chargers 34–13
Bills @ Dolphins 17–10
49ers @ Jets 59–28
Eagles vs. Rams 26–10
Steelers vs. Broncos 27–24
Seahawks vs. Patriots 31–25
Buccaneers vs. Panthers 37–35
Titans vs. Jaguars 27–19
Saints @ Raiders 45–24

Jimmy Garoppolo throws four touchdown passes — including the first of rookie Brandon Aiyuk’s young career — as the 49ers run circles around the Jets’ defense and win 59-28. The Niners could be trouble this season.

Week 3 Scores

Jaguars vs. Dolphins 28–9
Lions @ Cardinals 16–15
Falcons vs. Bears 35–14
Bills vs. Rams 34–20
Browns vs. Washington 14–6
Broncos vs. Buccaneers 20–17
Jets @ Colts 34–15
Chargers vs. Panthers 22–16
Vikings vs. Titans 48–21
Raiders @ Patriots 31–24
Packers @ Saints 23–13
49ers @ Giants 30–20
Eagles vs. Bengals 32–27
Steelers vs. Texans 33–20
Cowboys @ Seahawks 21–12
Chiefs @ Ravens 27–24

After getting blown out by the Saints in Week 1 and narrowly beating the rebuilding Panthers in Week 2, the Tom Brady-led Buccaneers are beaten by Drew Lock’s Broncos 20-17. Is this Tampa Bay team really ready to make the leap into contention? Concern is creeping in.

Week 4 Scores

Jets vs. Broncos 19–14
Panthers vs. Cardinals 18–17
Bears vs. Colts 20–16
Bengals vs. Jaguars 18–17
Cowboys vs. Browns 20–19
Lions vs. Saints 30–15
Vikings @ Texans 30–10
Chiefs vs. Patriots 38–28
Rams vs. Giants 38–13
Bills @ Raiders 26–24
Seahawks @ Dolphins 48–23
Eagles @ 49ers 42–7
Buccaneers vs. Chargers 27–16
Steelers @ Titans 31–21
Ravens @ Washington 27–7
Packers vs. Falcons 34–31

The Eagles’ statement win over San Francisco has everyone talking, but the Vikings are also quietly 4-0 after a 30-10 toppling of the Texans. Minnesota has 118 points through four games even without Stefon Diggs running routes.

What we saw in Weeks 1–4

Big Week 1 debuts: Behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, Philip Rivers gets his first W as a Colt. And while Tom Brady couldn’t best the Saints, his replacement in New England — Cam Newton — survives an iffy Pats defensive showing to defeat the Dolphins. But perhaps the most unlikely debut winner is April’s top draft pick. Joe Burrow leads the Bengals to a 26-17 win over the Chargers. Not a bad start.

Chiefs are here to stay: The unofficial Game of the Year comes down to the wire. Patrick Mahomes finds Travis Kelce for the fourth-quarter go-ahead TD on Monday Night Football in Week 3, as K.C. beats Baltimore 27-24. A week later, the Chiefs handle the Patriots 38-28.

A new AFC East: Josh Allen is already clicking with Stefon Diggs. The Bills cruised past the Jets, Dolphins, Rams and Raiders while outscoring them 105-61. Is it Buffalo’s turn to take the division?

Steelers are back: Having Ben Roethlisberger back goes a long way. His arm — and a great Pittsburgh defense — has the Steelers at 4-0.

Top Performers, Weeks 1–4

Tom Brady, TB 1,223 Passing YDS

Miles Sanders, PHI 317 Rushing YDS

Michael Thomas, NO 351 Receiving YDS

Weeks 5–8

As teams in the AFC South scramble just to get to .500 (all four teams tied at 1-3), the NFC North features a battle of elite squads. Coming out of Week 4, the Vikings remain undefeated, while the Packers and Lions are both 3-1. A big Minnesota-Green Bay matchup looms in Week 8.

Week 5 Scores

Bears vs. Buccaneers 26–16
Falcons vs. Panthers 16–10
Ravens vs. Bengals 49–23
Colts @ Browns 27–20
Cowboys vs. Giants 30–15
Texans vs. Jaguars 28–21
Chiefs vs. Raiders 35–7
Patriots vs. Broncos 27–24
Cardinals @ Jets 27–20
Steelers vs. Eagles 15–10
49ers vs. Dolphins 51–17
Vikings @ Seahawks 24–17
Titans vs. Bills 40–11
Rams @ Washington 27–10
Saints vs. Chargers 30–10

It’s already Tua Time in Miami, as the Dolphins turn to their top draft pick in Week 5. Tagovailoa throws for more than 300 yards, but the 49ers’ offense rolls to a 51-17 win. Meanwhile, another rook is on deck, as Chargers coach Anthony Lynn decides to pivot from Tyrod Taylor to Justin Herbert following the team’s fourth loss in five games.

Week 6 Scores

Bills vs. Chiefs 25–13
Panthers vs. Bears 28–0
Broncos vs. Dolphins 31–6
Colts vs. Bengals 30–27
Jaguars vs. Lions 34–21
Jets @ Chargers 26–10
Falcons @ Vikings 17–3
Washington @ Giants 31–3
Eagles vs. Ravens 20–10
Steelers vs. Browns 27–10
Rams @ 49ers 23–16
Packers @ Buccaneers 14–7
Titans vs. Texans 37–14
Cardinals @ Cowboys 27–10

One week after taking down the then-undefeated Eagles, the Steelers now become the last undefeated team. The Bills take down the 5-0 Chiefs, and the Falcons upset the 5-0 Vikings, leaving Pittsburgh — which took care of business with a 27-10 win over a floundering Browns team — as the only team left with a zero in the loss column.

Week 7 Scores

Giants @ Eagles 30–28
Seahawks @ Cardinals 16–14
Falcons vs. Lions 40–20
Ravens vs. Steelers 30–10
Bengals vs. Browns 26–17
Chiefs @ Broncos 27–6
Texans vs. Packers 34–14
Buccaneers @ Raiders 41–7
Dolphins vs. Chargers 20–3
49ers @ Patriots 29–17
Saints vs. Panthers 20–12
Bills @ Jets 23–21
Washington vs. Cowboys 26–23
Rams vs. Bears 38–20

The Buccaneers’ offense finally gets on the same page, blowing out the Raiders in a 41-7 win. Tom Brady spreads it around in the end zone, hitting Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin with a touchdown apiece.

Week 8 Scores

Falcons @ Panthers 20–14
Bills vs. Patriots 25–20
Saints @ Bears 26–23
Bengals vs. Titans 44–41
Raiders @ Browns 26–10
Lions vs. Colts 31–6
Packers vs. Vikings 27–24
Jets @ Chiefs 22–17
Chargers vs. Jaguars 19–9
Rams @ Dolphins 42–21
Eagles vs. Cowboys 30–14
Seahawks vs. 49ers 37–0
Buccaneers @ Giants 27–9

Following a rousing 44-41 victory over the Titans that included four touchdown passes from Joe Burrow, the Bengals sit at .500 halfway through the season. Are they arriving ahead of schedule? Can the rookie keep it up?

What we saw in Weeks 5–8

New division leaders? The Saints and 49ers were the NFC favorites, but neither lead their respective divisions. The 6-2 Falcons hum atop the NFC South, as Atlanta is fourth in both points scored and points allowed. And the Rams’ renewed offensive touch has them on top in the NFC West.

Panic in Foxborough? The Cam Newton experiment isn’t working out as intended, as the Patriots fall to 2-5. The last time coach Bill Belichick started a season that poorly: 2000, his first season with the Pats. To add insult to injury, the fifth loss comes at the hands of Josh Allen and the 7-1 Bills, who have completely taken control of the AFC East.

An Eagles hiccup: At 5-1, the Eagles might have already been looking past their Week 7 meeting with the one-win Giants. And it shows. Daniel Jones throws for 234 yards and Saquon Barkley finds the end zone in a 30-28 Giants win. But the Eagles bounce back in Week 8, decisively defeating the Cowboys 30-14 and taking a two-game lead in the NFC East.

Tied atop the NFC North: In another huge divisional Week 8 showdown, Aaron Rodgers leads a narrow Packers victory over the Vikings at Lambeau Field to draw even with Minnesota at 5-2 in the NFC North. The Lions lurk right behind at 4-3.

Top Performers, Weeks 5–8

Dak Prescott, DAL 1,234 Passing YDS

Christian McCaffrey, CAR 298 Rushing YDS

Amari Cooper, DAL 295 Receiving YDS

AFC Standings

North W L T
Steelers 6 1 0
Ravens 4 3 0
Bengals 4 4 0
Browns 2 6 0
South W L T
Colts 3 4 0
Texans 3 4 0
Titans 3 4 0
Jaguars 2 5 0
East W L T
Bills 7 1 0
Jets 4 4 0
Patriots 2 5 0
Dolphins 1 7 0
West W L T
Chiefs 6 2 0
Broncos 3 4 0
Raiders 3 4 0
Chargers 2 6 0

NFC Standings

North W L T
Packers 5 2 0
Vikings 5 2 0
Lions 4 3 0
Bears 2 6 0
South W L T
Falcons 6 2 0
Saints 5 2 0
Buccaneers 4 4 0
Panthers 2 6 0
East W L T
Eagles 6 2 0
Cowboys 4 4 0
Giants 2 6 0
Washington 2 5 0
West W L T
Rams 6 2 0
49ers 5 3 0
Seahawks 4 3 0
Cardinals 3 4 0

Weeks 9–12

A chess match is developing in the NFC West between the 6-2 Rams and 5-3 49ers, while the 6-2 Falcons are trying to hold off the 5-3 Saints and 4-4 Buccaneers in the NFC South. But what about the lack of a race in the AFC North, where Ben Roethlisberger’s Steelers still have only one loss entering Week 9? What is going on with the 4-3 Ravens?

Week 9 Scores

49ers vs. Packers 34–7
Cardinals vs. Dolphins 26–24
Broncos @ Falcons 23–0
Seahawks @ Bills 28–24
Steelers @ Cowboys 13–10
Ravens @ Colts 41–16
Texans @ Jaguars 34–31
Chiefs vs. Panthers 41–20
Chargers vs. Raiders 33–28
Lions @ Vikings 31–24
Saints @ Buccaneers 34–30
Bears @ Titans 26–10
Giants @ Washington 34–23
Patriots @ Jets 37–34

With a 34-31 win over the Jaguars, the Texans have a .500 record and are in first place in the AFC South. Houston, you’re the best of the worst! At least for now.

Week 10 Scores

Titans vs. Colts 21–20
Bills @ Cardinals 28–17
Buccaneers @ Panthers 38–14
Browns vs. Texans 24–17
Washington @ Lions 18–12
Packers vs. Jaguars 34–17
Rams vs. Seahawks 35–32
Raiders vs. Broncos 25–16
Dolphins vs. Jets 24–16
Ravens @ Patriots 23–20
Saints vs. 49ers 34–14
Giants vs. Eagles 19–13
Steelers vs. Bengals 27–23
Vikings @ Bears 26–23

In a 34-14 win over San Francisco, Saints QB Drew Brees connects on 21 of 30 pass attempts, including two touchdowns, while Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray each add a score on the ground. New Orleans takes back the division lead from Atlanta.

Week 11 Scores

Cardinals @ Seahawks 24–17
Titans @ Ravens 20–7
Lions at Panthers 27–27
Eagles @ Browns 30–7
Chargers @ Broncos 22–13
Texans vs. Patriots 23–20
Colts vs. Packers 19–16
Steelers @ Jaguars 37–23
Chiefs @ Raiders 27–13
Cowboys @ Vikings 45–12
Falcons @ Saints 29–16
Washington vs. Bengals 19–13
Rams @ Buccaneers 24–21

A tie in Carolina? That’s right. The Panthers and Lions end in a 27-all draw. As a result, Detroit remains a half-game behind in the NFC North, while Carolina’s chances to earn the No. 1 draft pick in 2021 take a hit.

Week 12 Scores

Cowboys vs. Washington 24–14
Lions vs. Texans 23–19
Ravens @ Steelers 33–14
Falcons vs. Raiders 31–17
Chargers @ Bills 34–6
Bengals vs. Giants 28–9
Broncos vs. Saints 31–24
Bears @ Packers 20–16
Colts vs. Titans 31–19
Browns @ Jaguars 14–13
49ers @ Rams 40–32
Vikings vs. Panthers 16–6
Patriots vs. Cardinals 27–16
Dolphins @ Jets 23–20
Buccaneers vs. Chiefs 35–31
Seahawks @ Eagles 17–9

It has become clear that the Tampa Bay offense can overpower just about anyone on the right day. And this was the right day: Tom Brady throws for 291 yards and three scores against the Chiefs, besting Patrick Mahomes.

What we saw in Weeks 9–12

NFC West clash: Coach Sean McVay’s Rams narrowly edged the Seahawks and Buccaneers in Weeks 10 and 11, but the Niners aren’t going anywhere. San Francisco’s 40-32 win over L.A. in Week 12 keeps it a one-game race out west.

New season, same Cleveland: With a 2-6 record and the NFL’s fewest points scored coming out of the Week 9 bye, Kevin Stefanski makes a bold move and sits Baker Mayfield for Case Keenum. Even if Keenum offers a boost, it’s looking gloomy in Cleveland again.

QB moves for Lawrence: Both the Panthers and Jaguars, each with just two wins, turn to their backup quarterbacks. Matt Rhule benches Teddy Bridgewater in favor of former XFL star P.J. Walker, while Doug Marrone calls on Jake Luton with Gardner Minshew struggling. But the QB each team really wants is the prize of the 2021 draft class, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Bills’ AFC East runaway: Buffalo (8-3) appears destined to win its first AFC East title since 1995, as the Patriots and Jets sit tied for second (4-7). In New England, Bill Belichick gives the offense to Jarrett Stidham to mix things up.

Top Performers, Weeks 9–12

Tom Brady, TB 1,162 Passing YDS

Derrick Henry, TEN 307 Rushing YDS

Michael Thomas, NO 349 Receiving YDS

Weeks 13–17

It’s the final stretch, and playoff spots are up for grabs. Can Russell Wilson get his Seahawks back in the NFC West picture? Who will cross the line first in the ultratight NFC North? And which 5-6 AFC South team will be just good enough to play in January?

Week 13 Scores

Ravens vs. Cowboys 31–17
Cardinals vs. Rams 28–14
Saints @ Falcons 28–17
Bears vs. Lions 17–13
Eagles @ Packers 26–16
Texans vs. Colts 20–17
Chiefs vs. Broncos 23–17
Chargers vs. Patriots 30–21
Bengals @ Dolphins 18–12
Jaguars @ Vikings 37–24
Jets vs. Raiders 24–13
Steelers vs. Washington 38–10
Seahawks vs. Giants 28–7
Browns @ Titans 21–13
49ers vs. Bills 27–24

With seven catches and a touchdown, receiver Michael Thomas helps New Orleans to a 28-17 win over the Falcons, giving the Saints a share of the division lead. Both teams sit at 8-4, while the Buccaneers linger behind at 6-6.

Week 14 Scores

Rams vs. Patriots 19–12
Steelers @ Bills 35–31
Broncos @ Panthers 23–10
Texans @ Bears 16–3
Cowboys @ Bengals 29–24
Lions vs. Packers 23–20
Titans @ Jaguars 34–31
Falcons @ Chargers 33–30
Colts @ Raiders 37–16
Chiefs @ Dolphins 30–17
Giants vs. Cardinals 25–21
Eagles vs. Saints 23–10
49ers vs. Washington 42–17
Seahawks vs. Jets 27–17
Buccaneers vs. Vikings 29–23
Ravens @ Browns 41–16

We got two division clinches! The 8-5 Bills fall in Week 14 to Pittsburgh, but losses from the Pats and Jets give them the AFC East. And in the AFC West, the 10-3 Chiefs repeat as champs. Kansas City steamrolled through its division, as no other team is even at .500.

Week 15 Scores

Chargers @ Raiders 24–20
Cardinals vs. Eagles 20–16
Buccaneers @ Falcons 30–24
Ravens vs. Jaguars 24–10
Cowboys vs. 49ers 31–17
Bills @ Broncos 19–17
Packers vs. Panthers 48–3
Colts vs. Texans 20–17
Rams vs. Jets 22–7
Dolphins vs. Patriots 21–19
Vikings vs. Bears 17–6
Saints vs. Chiefs 23–17
Giants vs. Browns 27–20
Titans vs. Lions 16–10
Seahawks @ Washington 27–20
Bengals vs. Steelers 23–20

Seattle is on a four-game win streak and is perhaps back in the NFC West mix. Russell Wilson totals 238 passing yards in this week’s matchup with Washington and throws two more TDs to give him seven during the winning streak.

Week 16 Scores

Vikings @ Saints 27–10
49ers @ Cardinals 41–16
Ravens vs. Giants 38–10
Cowboys vs. Eagles 17–10
Buccaneers @ Lions 27–9
Titans @ Packers 28–17
Texans vs. Bengals 38–35
Bears @ Jaguars 28–6
Chiefs vs. Falcons 24–10
Broncos @ Chargers 22–13
Raiders vs. Dolphins 40–20
Browns @ Jets 27–11
Steelers vs. Colts 22–20
Rams @ Seahawks 30–27
Panthers @ Washington 35–32
Bills @ Patriots 22–17

Dallas is hot. The 9-6 Cowboys have won four in a row, including this week’s 17-10 victory over the Eagles. Ezekiel Elliott rumbles for 81 yards and a score, helping the Cowboys level up with Philly in the NFC East.

Week 17 Scores

Bills vs. Dolphins 16–6
Saints @ Panthers 37–3
Bears vs. Packers 25–16
Browns vs. Steelers 23–10
Ravens @ Bengals 37–3
Broncos vs. Raiders 16–13
Vikings @ Lions 48–25
Texans vs. Titans 27–20
Colts vs. Jaguars 9–7
Chargers @ Chiefs 35–28
Cardinals @ Rams 27–3
Patriots vs. Jets 28–7
Giants vs. Cowboys 20–13
Eagles vs. Washington 34–17
49ers vs. Seahawks 19–13
Buccaneers vs. Falcons 55–31

The NFC South was deadlocked in a three-way tie entering Week 17, but the Saints win the division at 10-6 when they beat Carolina 37-3. The Bucs, meanwhile, end the Falcons’ season with a huge 55-31 win in the final matchup. Tom Brady’s four-TD outing puts Tampa Bay in a wild-card spot.

What we saw in Weeks 13–17

NFC North revolving door: The Lions leap atop the division in Week 14, beating Green Bay 23-20, but it’s short-lived. The Vikings regain the lead on Dalvin Cook’s 72 rushing yards in a Week 15 win over Chicago and clinch with a 27-10 win over New Orleans a week later.

Down to the wire: Coming out of Week 15, the Texans, Titans and Colts are tied at 7-7 in the AFC South, and wins by Houston and Tennessee in Week 16 set up a winner-take-all matchup in Week 17. Derrick Henry has 89 total yards and a score, but it’s not enough. Deshaun Watson throws for 244 yards and a pair of scores in a 27-20 win.

Byes up for grabs: Out of nowhere, Baltimore takes the AFC’s No. 1 seed from Pittsburgh and Kansas City in Week 17 behind Lamar Jackson’s three total scores in a win over Cincinnati. And despite the Rams being up a game entering the final week in the NFC, San Francisco’s tiebreaker and win over the Seahawks combines with the Rams’ 27-3 implosion against the Cardinals to allow the Niners to sit out wild-card weekend.

Lawrence to Jacksonville? The Jaguars earned the No. 1 pick with a 3-13 record, edging out the 3-12-1 Panthers. Trevor Lawrence looks to be headed to Florida.

Top Performers in 2020

Tom Brady, TB 4,615 Passing YDS

Derrick Henry, TEN 1,316 Rushing YDS

Michael Thomas, NO 1,373 Receiving YDS

AFC Final Standings

North W L T
Ravens 12 4 0
Steelers 12 4 0
Bengals 7 9 0
Browns 7 9 0
South W L T
Texans 9 7 0
Colts 8 8 0
Titans 8 8 0
Jaguars 3 13 0
East W L T
Bills 11 5 0
Jets 5 11 0
Patriots 5 11 0
Dolphins 4 12 0
West W L T
Chiefs 11 5 0
Chargers 8 8 0
Broncos 8 8 0
Raiders 5 11 0
Blue Circle
Made the playoffs
Black Square
No. 1 draft pick

NFC Final Standings

North W L T
Vikings 10 6 0
Lions 7 8 1
Bears 7 9 0
Packers 7 9 0
South W L T
Saints 10 6 0
Buccaneers 10 6 0
Falcons 9 7 0
Panthers 3 12 1
East W L T
Eagles 10 6 0
Cowboys 9 7 0
Giants 7 9 0
Washington 4 12 0
West W L T
49ers 11 5 0
Rams 11 5 0
Seahawks 9 7 0
Cardinals 8 8 0
Blue Circle
Made the playoffs

The Playoffs

The expanded postseason gives us 14 teams contending. The field includes the top seven offenses — led by Baltimore (459 points) and San Francisco (457) — and four of the top five defenses — topped by Baltimore and Philadelphia (each with 256 points against). Could the Ravens take the AFC crown from Kansas City? Will Tom Brady win No. 7? Can Buffalo or Minnesota finally win the big game?

Wild-Card Round Scores

Bills vs. Chargers 30–10
Chiefs vs. Colts 19–9
Texans vs. Steelers 31–24
Cowboys @ Eagles 16–10
Buccaneers @ Vikings 10–9
Saints vs. Rams 23–10

The 9-7 Texans stun the 12-win Steelers, as Bill O’Brien answers his critics. New Orleans gets playoff revenge: a decisive 23-10 win over the Rams featuring seven catches from Michael Thomas. And Dak Prescott’s 271 passing yards help Dallas defeat Philadelphia.

Divisional Round Scores

Ravens vs. Texans 19–9
Chiefs @ Bills 27–7
Cowboys @ 49ers 39–26
Buccaneers @ Saints 38–26

Tom Brady is headed to the NFC Championship Game after a 264-yard, 3-TD win over the Saints, the Niners are gone after the Cowboys dropped 39 on their defense and Patrick Mahomes dismisses the Bills with a 27-7 blowout.

Championship Round Scores

Chiefs @ Ravens 17–14
Cowboys @ Buccaneers 26–14

Down goes Brady! A 330-passing-yard day from Brady wasn’t enough to top the efficiency of the Dallas passing attack. In the AFC, the Ravens held Patrick Mahomes’ offense to 10 points in three and a half quarters. But a late drive leads to a Mecole Hardman game-winning touchdown.

We got a Lamar Jackson-Patrick Mahomes playoff showdown, and it didn’t disappoint. But Jackson will need to wait another year to reach the Super Bowl, as Andy Reid is piecing together quite a run in Kansas City early in Mahomes’ career. And while we won’t see Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski win it all in a non-Pats uniform, you have to tip your cap to the impressive run out of a wild-card spot from Dallas. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy gets reputation rehabilitation after a sour ending in Green Bay, and Dak Prescott’s bet on himself is going to pay out ... huge.

Super Bowl LV

Chiefs 42, Cowboys 17 It’s a repeat! The Chiefs blow out the Cowboys in a lopsided Super Bowl, and it’s time to talk full-on dynasty in Kansas City. Mahomes drops four touchdowns and, to no one’s surprise, wins Super Bowl MVP again. The Cowboys’ offense sputters out in the end, and Ezekiel Elliott is held under 50 rushing yards after Dallas falls behind quickly. Andy Reid, once thought of as a coach who couldn’t win the big one, has secured his place as one of the greats in NFL history.

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