an exclusive espn investigation

The Biogenesis

by Mike Fish

The largest performance-enhancing drugs operation in U.S. sports history was exposed 10 years ago. Biogenesis of America, a Miami wellness clinic fueled by a cocaine-addicted biochemist who introduced himself as "Dr. T," outed some of the nation's biggest stars as PED users; still others have not been publicly tied into the scandal -- until now.

Drawing upon more than 1,400 pages of confidential U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration investigative documents obtained exclusively by ESPN and dozens of interviews, this package of stories provides an unforgettable look at Tony Bosch's operation, the attorneys and league officials caught using unsavory tactics, and the depths to which athletes will go for an advantage -- and to protect their images.

Tony Bosch: Either dead or in jail

Strung out on drugs, scuffling for money and running away from threats, real and imagined, the scraggly face of Biogenesis was suicidal in 2012. After prison and getting clean, he's back in business.

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Baseball’s deep, varied connections to Dr. T

Bosch spilled to federal agents 28 players -- several of whom had never previously been linked to the Biogenesis of America clinic scandal -- All-Stars, MVPs and even down-the-road Hall of Fame candidates.

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Manny was a mess, then everything changed

A phone call from Manny Ramirez put Tony Bosch in the PED big leagues. After the duo connected, no one played a larger role early on in spreading the Bosch gospel than Ramirez.

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A-Rod went to war and spilled his guts to the feds

In an interview with federal agents, Alex Rodriguez painted a starkly darker image about his role in the PED scandal than the confident, smiling baseball ambassador seen these days.

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The famous and not-so-famous in the files

Previously unnamed athletes and figures, from world champion boxers and wrestlers to fitness gurus, entertainers and even law enforcement officials, surfaced in the federal investigation.

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The rebuilding of Melky Cabrera

A-Rod's cousin pitched a down-and-out Cabrera that by working with Dr. T, he'd end up stronger and have more energy. From that meeting on, Cabrera enjoyed a career rebirth that led to a championship season.

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The story behind Braun’s bogus tale

First, Red Bull. Then, supplements. But before Ryan Braun and his advisers decided to blame an innocent man for his positive PED test, he huddled in a Florida Ritz-Carlton, meeting his doper in person.

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MLB’s multimillion-dollar, risky dance

MLB needed to get to the heart and mind of Tony Bosch, so at a casual waterfront South Florida restaurant, the two sides struck a deal. It worked -- but at significant cost, and not just monetarily.

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Black markets and dirty doctors

Bosch's methods and partners included an ex-con stripped of his medical license, fake prescriptions, and a known drug trafficker. Some PEDs used by superstars were mixed in garages.

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The feds used their full arsenal

To nab Bosch and his colleagues, DEA agents dug deep, calling upon confidential informants for undercover buys, search warrants, wire taps, and, at times, even an air wing.

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