The Fantasy Football Name Generator

NFL FF Name Generator



Omaha! Omaha!

OK QB1, let's test your timing! Tap the screen exactly 2 seconds after the ball is snapped. Ready! Set! Hut-hut ...


Remember the size of the circle, and tap to match the size.

The Fantasy Football Name Generator

The toughest pick to make in any fantasy draft: a winning team name. Don't worry, GM -- with just a few notes from you, our algorithm will name that team!

Swipe to kick off!

Which NFL Division Has the Most heated Rivalries?

Pick one from each section.
Here's a cheat sheet for you noobs.

How is your offense lining up on fourth-and-goal from the 3?

All air, all the time

Clear eyes, fullback, can't lose

Break up the box and go three-wide

When five linemen just aren't enough

Don't worry, we got you covered

What is your roster management style?


Set &


Which one of these football classics sits at the top of your watch list?

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