Charlie and the Eagles

It was incredible watching Charlie out there with the Eagles. It's hard to describe in words how remarkable it was to see his eyes sparkle and light up. He was on top of the world and felt nothing could hold him back. It was like a dream to get the chance to watch my little guy sit there with his note cards like a real assistant coach. All I could do was cry especially when he was calling plays and giving his assessment of the players.

Charlie was so excited before the event. He knew it was coming but didn't know when, until the day before. At first, he thought he was going to hang out with the team, but during the season. When he found out he was going to be part of their practice and hold a mock news conference it was unbelievable.

The highlight of his day was when Donovan McNabb gave him a signed jersey! We were also given the Freak's (Jevon Kearse) gloves which were so huge that Charlie's fingers don't even go up a quarter of the way.

What an unbelievable day. I couldn't believe it was MY kid on the field. My emotions were so high that day. Everyone was so good to us and paid so much attention to Charlie. It's a day I'll never forget and a day he'll never forget. He was living his dream and the fulfillment of it was above and beyond all my expectations.

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