Andrew and Todd Helton

Andrew has always said he knew he would play for the Colorado Rockies someday and that we would watch him play at Coors Field. We will never forget the day that his dream came true.

From the moment we checked into our hotel, we knew that we were in for a special treat. On our first night in Denver, the Rockies hosted a "player signing" for the newest Rockies player and Andy received his official Colorado Rockies uniform complete with his name and the number 15. That night, Andy threw out the first pitch at the Rockies game.

On wish day, Andy had a crowd of fans greet him as our limousine drove into the stadium. We had so much fun watching Andy sign autographs and wave to his fans. When we entered the clubhouse, Andy was surprised to find a locker with his name on it and an official batting practice uniform. When Andrew pulled on his first ever pair of baseball pants, his grin said it all. We had never seen him grin quite like that before, literally ear to ear!! At that moment, we realized that Andy was truly going to be an "official" Rockies player.

After dressing, Andy walked out onto Coors Field and it was beautiful. As Andrew checked out the Rockies' dugout, he actually sat on the same bench he has seen so often on TV during Rockies games. Then it happened. Todd Helton walked onto the field. It was magic. When Mr. Helton shared a replica of his lucky necklace, we were all deeply touched.

I believe the greatest thrill for Andrew was hitting balls with Mr. Helton on Coors Field. His dream really came true the moment Mr. Helton put the first ball on the tee. There was Andrew, dressed in a real Colorado Rockies uniform, hitting balls and talking to his idol. Our whole family will never forget the gift that Mr. Helton gave Andrew and our family. We've always known that Todd Helton was the ultimate Colorado Rockie. We also believe that he is the ultimate gentleman.

Andrew's time in the clubhouse with Clint Hurdle and the team was also very moving for us. Andrew still loves to tell anyone he meets about whom he met and talked with. Andy plans to show everyone at school the bat Todd Helton signed for him too.

On the last night when things were winding down, we had one more special surprise. Andrew's favorite local star, sports anchor Drew Soicher of our local television station, came by for a visit. How perfect! He gave Andy a play by play analysis of the whole game. During the seventh inning stretch, there was Andrew and Drew Soicher and his family swaying to "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". What a special and intimate way to complete the dream.

We never truly understood the impact of professional sports could have for people with severe life challenges until Andrew came into our lives. Being a Denver sports fan gives Andrew a sense of belonging. He feels that he has an emotional investment in the wins or losses of his favorite teams. He is a fan just like all the other kids in his fifth grade class. Professional sports gives Andrew something to look forward to at the end of a school or a long, boring summer day.

Through the fulfillment of Andrew's wish to be a Colorado Rockie, he not only gazed in amazement at the stars, he actually met and touched one. I believe this wonderful, incredible dream come true will help Andrew to try to reach beyond his challenges and touch another star. We believe this amazing experience has touched our entire family so much that we can look into the future with more positive and hopeful eyes. We've seen the impossible come true.

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